Create a digital FNOL process in 24 hours

When life takes an unexpected turn, make it easy for customers to report an FNOL for accidents, health, home, life, or auto.

FNOL templates built for better efficiency and accuracy

Go live in 24 hours

Simplify the FNOL claims process

Shorten the settlement lifecycle

Boost customer loyalty

Make the claims process easier for everyone

For your insurance company
Create a digital FNOL journey that tells your clients exactly what they need to upload, making it easier to determine the fault or settlement. Just text or email the link, then support in real-time with Co-Browsing. You'll shorten the lifecycle, save on valuable resources, and be there when your customers need it the most.
For your customers
Following an accident, theft, or damage, filing a complicated FNOL is the last thing your customers need. Instead, reduce stress with remote support and send a digital link, so your clients can upload all the relevant images, docs, and timestamps to clarify the claim.
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Get started with an FNOL template today

  1. 1. Request an FNOL template

    You’ll get five professional service hours so you can hit the ground running.
  2. 2. Customize it and connect any third-party app

    Adjust your template and emails to match your brand’s look and feel.
  3. 3. Launch your first digital journey

    Send a link to your customers in a click or make it accessible online.
Request a template
FNOL (First notice of loss) process in EasySend builder and a mobile view of the final outcome.

Shorten the lifecycle from FNOL to final settlement

Fully customizable
Start with a template and customize the logo, font, brand colors, and fields, so the process is seamless.
Image & file upload
Make it easy for your clients to upload images or files to complete the claim and include all the relevant info.
Speed up the process and add auto-complete options, so your clients can fill in their addresses faster.
Conditions & Validations
Create conditions and validations to help customers fill out their info correctly the first time.
Add steps to your workflow and assign custom roles and permissions for a safe and secure experience.
Integrate the tools you already use, like your CRM, so you can automatically collect data and update customer info.
Create that in-person experience with Co-Browsing and assist your customers remotely.
Journey Tracker
Track each customer's digital FNOL process and see where they're getting stuck along the way so you can follow up with text or email.
Analytics Dashboard
Get an overview of how all your journeys perform and track how many links were sent, opened, and completed so you can keep optimizing.
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FNOL digital journeys, ready when you are

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