Achieving the best commercial bond binding month to date

BTIS needed a way to speed up bond submissions. After discovering EasySend and becoming certified, they created integrated digital processes with no code, going to market in weeks. Now agents fill out digital forms faster and receive insurance quotes from carriers at lightning speed.
Live in weeks
Increased form submissions
Better customer experience
Business growth
Best binding month to date

“My vision was to take a need and go to market very quickly. With EasySend, we could take nine outdated customer-facing processes and convert them into modern digital processes. We built the last two in just two weeks, and we're working on a tenth.

With these digital processes, we can store the submission data in our database, which we couldn't do before. The data allows us to make sound business and operational decisions. From a customer experience perspective, our agents can easily check the submission status—whether it's been quoted, rated, or bound.”

Adam Groth
VP Digital Strategy

Championing the customer when it comes to insurance

BTIS, part of the Amynta Group, provides insurance for the construction and small business industries; offering over 15 lines of business. Since its founding in 1998, they've had one steady goal: to provide outstanding customer service. Using the latest technology, they achieve what few other organizations have: immediate turnaround, unbeatable service, and excellent customer value.





Digital process

Professional Liability Quote
Vacant Dwelling Residential
Vacant Commercial
Vacant Land
Commercial Bond
Contractors Pollution Liability
Small Business/BOP
Truckers GL

Feature highlight

Logic & Validation
PDF Encryptions
Trained & Certified
The mission:

Go to market fast and speed up the binding process 

For some lines of business, there were legacy rating systems in place or temporary solutions. Agents would log onto the BTIS website for every request and fill out a Google Form. A BTIS rep would take that data manually and send it to various insurance carriers. Then the rep would email each agent the relevant offers.
The solution:

Build integrated digital experiences with no code

Trained and certified in EasySend, BTIS builds new digital processes in weeks. After launching the first one, BTIS achieved its highest binding month to date. Unlike Google Forms, EasySend integrates with its core system, so each digital process is personalized, adjusts according to the agent's answers, and uses autocomplete and validations. As a result, more digital forms are submitted and bound every month.

Streamlining insurance quotes and binds

  1. Going live in weeks

    Fully certified in EasySend's no-code platform, the BTIS team builds digital processes and publishes changes lightning-fast.
  2. Improving completion rates

    It's easier for agents to fill out more forms every month with the help of personalization, form logic, validation, and autocomplete.
  3. Better customer experience

    BTIS agents experience faster turnaround times and unbeatable service by accessing supportive tools like Co-Browsing and status tracking.

The power of EasySend at BTIS

Building Customizing Supporting

EasySend No-code builder icon


BTIS used EasySend’s no-code platform to turn forms into complete digital processes.
EasySend integrations icon


BTIS streamlines data collection and sends requests directly to carriers by integrating its core system.

Logic & Validations

With the help of logic and field validations, agents fill out forms faster and reduce human error.


Autocomplete helps agents fill out fields faster, speeding up completion rates by 30-40%.


Reviewing how each digital process performs helps BTIS optimize the funnel and improve the customer experience.

Journey Tracker

Agents and reps track submission status and see whether carriers have quoted, rated, or bound.

PDF encryption

After submission, every digital process is saved as a password-protected PDF keeping all data secure.
EasySend Co-browsing icon


BTIS supports customers remotely by sharing screens and guiding agents through the digital process.

Branded Themes

Every digital process starts with a BTIS custom theme that aligns with the rest of its website and brand.

The fastest
go-to-market plan

"With EasySend, you drag fields, and you have a UI. Now all the business owners want it. They're excited that we can build a digital process in a week!"

Kirven Dunham
Business System Analyst at BTIS

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