Make smart business decisions with analytics

EasySend makes it easier to optimize every step of the digital customer journey and smooth out friction for your highest conversion rates yet.

Business Reports
Page and Field Analytics
Journey Tracker

“It took us 24 hours to identify the problematic area, fix it, test it, and deploy it to the live environment. At the end of the day, you have a full view of what is happening. Real-time analytics.”

Cindy Mahase
Product Owner Client Services, Sanlam

Optimize every step
with real data

See your data visually and understand conversion rates on every page. Dive into each journey to understand gaps on the page or field level. See who got stuck along the way and why. Then, create A/B tests to optimize your average completion rate.
  1. See data on the journey, page, or field level
  2. Visualize data with graphs and flow trees
  3. Identify user gaps and optimize fast
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Stay ahead of the curve with AI insights

Optimize your digital customer journeys with insightful recommendations.

See the big and small picture

View your overall progress—on the macro or micro level. See how many links were sent, opened, and completed, then filter down the date, device, and location to see exactly where your customers are coming from. The more you know, the faster you can move forward.
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Get custom reports

the Easysend platform custom reports image
Easily create and send custom Business Reports on any digital customer journey. Simply choose the date range and decide how often they get sent out—daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.
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Make decisions with confidence

EasySend gives you all the digital transformation solutions you need to make smarter business moves at every stage of the journey.

Business Reports

Create and send custom reports to see how many links were sent, opened, and completed. Decide how often they get sent out and what data you want to track.

Analytics Dashboard

Get an overview of how all your digital customer journeys are performing and filter down the view to show devices, browsers, sources, and more—no IT resources needed.
Easysend e-signature tool icon


Add eSign capabilities to your existing PDFs or Word contracts. Send a mobile-optimized link to your customers and track their progress every step of the way.
Easysend platform page and field analytics icon

Page & Field Analytics

Track all the steps of your customer journey and dive into the details with data on every page and field. Then optimize for faster completion rates.
Easysend platform flow tree analytics icon

Flow Tree

Visually understand how customers are moving through each digital journey. Analyze the page or field view to spot gaps in the funnel and use them to optimize.
Easysend platform  audit trail  icon

Audit Trail

Generate a legally-binding Audit Trail that tracks every action taken on a digital journey and attaches it to the final sealed PDF document for verification.
Easysend platform journey tracker  icon

Journey Tracker

Track the status of each customer and their digital customer journey progress including when the link was sent, opened, resent, updated, and completed.

A/B testing

Compare how two or more versions of your customer journey perform and use the insights to continually optimize for frictionless experiences.
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coming soon

AI optimization

Create new A/B tests to improve the customer journey at every step with the help of EasySend’s AI optimization algorithm.
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