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Insurance is
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Go digital with EasySend to streamline data intake, automate your workflow and reduce touch points. It’s fast and code-free, so you do insurance the modern way.

Our customer stories

Achieving a five-year digital plan in three months.
Real Garant by Zurich
Closing contracts in weeks and impacting the bottom line.
Achieving its best commercial binding month to date.
Acting fast and offering flexibility in times of uncertainty.
Supporting 50 states with one dynamic journey.
Achieving its best commercial binding month to date.
Supporting 50 states with one dynamic journey.
Achieving a five-year digital plan in three months.
Acting fast and offering flexibility in times of uncertainty.
Real Garant by Zurich
Closing contracts in weeks and impacting the bottom line.

Built for the
insurance industry

Boost productivity and efficiency

Free your team to focus on the most important requests and reduce manual costs.

Create personalized customer experiences

Make it easy for policyholders to buy and manage their coverage online.

Collect all the data you need

Get structured data that’s complete and verified directly to your database.

Make smarter decisions faster

Receive high-quality data
submissions for faster and more accurate risk assessment.

Customer data intake
made easy

Policy Distribution
Call Centers
Policy Management
Policy Distribution
Policy Management

Meet customers where they are

Boost policy sales growth

Make it easy for customers to purchase policies directly or through an agent.
  • Speed up quote requests
  • Send a link via email or SMS
  • Allow self-service
  • Make it easy for agents to sell policies and service your clients

Processes to digitize

  • Agent Appointment
  • Contact Request
  • Quote Request
  • Policy Submission

Streamline and accelerate underwriting workflows

Reduce back and forth

Save on manual work and make decisions based on accurate data.
  • Get better quality submissions
  • Reduce manual effort
  • Improve decision making
  • Expand underwriting & quoting capacity
  • Bind more policies
  • Reduce touchpoints

Processes to digitize

  • Quote/Bind/Issue
  • Policy Submission
  • Loss and Claims History Report
  • ACORD Form
  • Declaration
  • Supplemental Information
  • Mid-term Adjustment

Create a seamless & efficient policy issuance & maintenance process

Streamline new business intake

Swiftly process documents and policy packages for your customers or agents.
  • Produce digital policy packages
  • Send a link via SMS or email
  • Request additional info
  • Onboard employees with ease
  • Keep policies up to date 

Processes to digitize

  • Policy Issuance
  • Issue COI
  • Premium Billing
  • Renewal
  • Cancellation
  • Endorsement
  • Payment & Personal Detail Update

Speed up the claims process

Be there when customers need you

Ensure effective and clear communication to resolve claims as efficiently as possible.
  • Streamline the claims process
  • Enhance policyholder experience
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Manage third-party/vendor communication
  • Reduce average time to settle a claim
  • Reduce loss adjustment expense (LAE)

Processes to digitize

  • FNOL
  • Claim Payment
  • Claim Inspection Report
  • Claim Assessments

Keep calm and carry on

Provide excellent service

Assist customers remotely throughout the entire policy lifecycle.
  • Redirect to self-service channels
  • Send digital processes via email or SMS
  • Support in real-time
  • Collect customer data
  • Speed up the sales cycle

Processes to digitize

  • Customer Service Call
  • Claims Intake Call
  • Claims Status Call
  • Payment Request Call
  • Quote Request

How insurers slash combined ratios in 2024

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Streamline your agent and carrier workflow

Build strong customer relationships that improve satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Easier for agents

Simplify the process from quote to bind. When it comes to coverage and claims, ensure digital forms are filled out correctly and processed quickly saving you time and resources so you work the smart way.

Better for carriers

Create and manage digital insurance processes that shorten the sales cycle and claim processing. Work together and deliver customer experiences that keep policyholders satisfied.

Sync with your systems

It’s your usual way of working, but better. EasySend integrates seamlessly with your existing databases, core systems, and CRMs.
  1. Launch your digital process
    Send processes via SMS, email, website, CRM/core system, API or agent portal
  2. Fill, sign & send
    Each party completes the digital process with the support of automatic validations.
  3. Intake data automatically
    Data is updated in real-time enabling faster approval or decline.
  4. Request supplemental info
    Easily send a digital request to the agent or customer.
  5. Quote & bind
    Send a quote, negotiate rates, and if approved, bind and process billing online.

The only digital transformation solution you need

Digitize any insurance form

Create any digital process from scratch or a PDF and add validations to ensure forms get filled out correctly.

Create a branded experience

Start with a custom theme and build experiences that fit right in. Personalize forms with pre-filled info.

Build a custom workflow

Add each step to your workflow including custom roles and permissions and automated emails or SMS.

Integrate the tools you already use

Push and pull data from your existing database, core system, CRM, ERP, or enterprise applications.

eSign on any device

Make it simple to review, sign, and send any legally-binding form, claim, or contract with our electronic signature solution.

Assist remotely with Co-Browsing

Create that in-person experience with Co-Browsing and help customers in real-time.

Optimize with real data

Track visual data so you know your customers better, assess risk faster, and make smarter business decisions.

Get business insights

Deep dive into your collected customer data with custom dashboards to spot trends and predict the future.

Request business reports

Track your output with custom reports daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Share them with your organization for better visibility.

Security you can rely on

We’re committed to keeping your data secure with enterprise-grade security standards. Our platform and electronic signature tool are compliant with the highest international standards, including GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA compliance. 
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