Making the
complex simple

Changing the pace of the industry

EasySend was founded with one goal: to bring paper-based industries online, so they can work more efficiently and deliver better user experiences.
Every platform starts with a problem. Ours was clunky paperwork in some of the most vital industries in the world: finance, insurance, and banking. In the beginning, we were three financial and tech professionals experiencing first-hand how frustrating and time-consuming pushing paper was in our day-to-day jobs. Not only for us but for our customers, too. With our shared expertise, we were ready to build an alternate solution. But was the industry ready for it?

As it turns out, the need was greater than ever before—especially as the world moved remote as a result of Covid-19. Enterprises that had relied on traditional manual processes would need to start thinking digitally, and fast.

Helping enterprises
think digitally

By building a no-code platform, understanding the unique needs of our industry, and creating custom solutions, we make it easy for enterprises to turn complex manual processes into full digital experiences at a fraction of the cost and time.

Good customer experiences are better for everyone

Making it stress-free to submit important documents helps your customers when they need it most. As a result, you’ll increase conversion rates and revenue while building better brand loyalty. And that’s a win-win for everyone.
Launched the EasySend Builder 1.0, our no-code platform
Released workflows for multiple people
Secured $5 million in a seed round
Opened offices in the US
and Europe
Launched EasySign, our electronic signature tool,
Released System Integrations
Secured 11 million in
series A round
Partnered with Salesforce and launched our Salesforce API
Welcomed new customers like IKEA, VGM, and Cincinnati

Our team

Our team loves to work with purpose, take ownership, and make an impact.
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Tal Daskal
CEO & Co-Founder
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Omer Shirazi
COO & Co-Founder
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Eran Shirazi
CTO & Co-Founder
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Shlomo Amir
Chief Business Officer
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Gitit Greenberg
VP Marketing
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Merav Peleg Landau
VP Strategic Initiatives

We’re always looking for new talent to join our growing team.

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No-code is now

In the beginning, we were coding hundreds of forms for financial and insurance institutions. The process was lengthy and complicated, so we asked, was there an easier and faster way?

We started by building an engine to mark fields on PDF docs instead of coding annotations. This made a huge impact on our workflow, so we decided to push the envelope even further. We built a drag and drop platform that had no reliance on code. That completely transformed the way we worked. We knew we had finally created the no-code platform that would revolutionize how enterprises approach digital transformation.

Our offices are located in the United States, Germany, and Israel and we’re looking to grow, fast.

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