Supporting 50 states with one dynamic experience

Meridio needed a smarter way to onboard insurance customers across 50 states. With sixty-six forms to comply with different state regulations, scalability was nowhere in sight. EasySend helped Meridio build one smart digital process that adjusts automatically for each state so agents can easily onboard customers across America.
Removed setup and installation time
Streamlined customer data intake
Onboarded customers across America faster
Eliminated forms to scale easier

““The team support Cincinnati Life across multiple states. Since we've removed a number of setup steps, agents move confidently through one common process.”

Tom Grace

Helping customers make smarter decisions 

Meridio makes it easier for companies to offer comprehensive benefits to their employees. By partnering with leading carriers like our client Cincinnati Insurance, Meridio offers supplemental benefit programs for full or part-time workers, including Accident Insurance, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity, Disability, and Life. A process made much easier by transforming their manual onboarding process into one smart digital experience with EasySend.



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The mission:

Onboard customers dynamically

Looking for ways to support their carrier client, Cincinnati Insurance, Meridio wanted a better way to help their agents onboard new clients across multiple states.

Traditionally, Meridio relied on complex PDFs that required a lot of work on the agent and customer sides and would differ depending on the state. This meant agents needed to know each state’s guidelines to help customers choose their benefits. Working like this just wasn’t scalable and Meridio needed to shift fast.
The solution:

Create one smart digital experience

With EasySend, Meridio transformed sixty-six PDFs into one dynamic experience. Now, agents enter which state the customer is in to see the information needed and which insurance benefits are covered.

In addition, the regulatory forms associated with each state are automatically selected and filled in to prevent errors. Since this digital process is purely agent-facing, it creates a bridge between their previous workflow and a fully digital experience.

Getting ready to scale in the future

  1. Transforming the customer experience 

    Converting sixty-six PDFs into one dynamic digital process allowed Meridio’s agents to confidently serve customers across America. 
  2. Becoming dynamic with no-code

    Adding dynamic fields that coordinated with each state’s regulations enable the right fields, questions, and forms to appear determining which funnel the customers can go down.
  3. Going digital one step at a time 

    Eliminating Meridio’s complex forms while keeping the process agent-facing allowed them to go digital without making too many changes at once.

The power of EasySend at Meridio 

Building Customizing Supporting

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No-code builder

Meridio used our no-code builder to turn sixty-six PDF packages into one dynamic digital onboarding process. 

Logic & Conditions

By adding logic and conditions that applied to each state, Meridio created a dynamic flow that adjusted accordingly.

Custom Themes

Each digital process Meridio makes will start with a custom theme made to match their brand’s look and feel.

Smart workflows

Having a dynamic workflow built-in means Meridio’s agents no longer need to memorize each state’s guidelines, reducing stress and time.

Journey Sender

Meridio can send a pre-filled form to agents or a new link without wasting time searching through old processes.

Brand loyalty

By drastically reducing onboarding time, Meridio helps customers faster and agents feel more confident knowing they only need one process to support everyone.

Supporting your digital transformation

“Working with the EasySend team was terrific and very well organized. If any challenges arose, they were direct and transparent. It was great to get the Builder to account for all state differences and then iron everything out for launch.”

Tom Grace

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