Real Garant by Zurich

Impacting the bottom line

VGM online journey built on EasySend
Simplicity benefits everyone. With EasySend’s streamlined process, Real Garant now closes B2B contracts in just a few weeks.
Reduced sales cycle
Competitive advantage
Efficient use of resources
Business growth
Exceptional experiences

“EasySend is very intuitive and easy to use for us as well as for our customers, making the onboarding process an overall pleasant experience. We can reduce the contract closing time tremendously.”

Tobias Sirsch
Manager Contract Management

Leading specialist in customer loyalty

Real Garant by Zurich is a leading specialist in customer loyalty within the automotive industry.
Backed by 30 years of experience, the company services warranty solutions in 32 European countries, represents sales and service units locally and builds long-standing partnerships with distinguished car manufacturers and brands.


Automotive insurance

Feature highlight

Workflow Manager



Digital process

B2B onboarding
The mission:

Rethink the customer journey

Real Garant has been expanding steadily over the last few years, and a digitized world needs a digitized process. Real Garant overhauled their onboarding process for B2B partners to meet the growing demand. With the global pandemic on the rise, they needed to shorten the processing time and completely digitize their Partner onboarding.
The solution:

Create an online workflow with EasySend

Together with EasySend, Real Garant transformed the way they do business. By turning forms into a custom digital process, they’ve streamlined their sales cycle and shortened contract closing time to 1-2 weeks. The workflow is defined and completed online, including Co-Browsing for remote digital assistance, creating a smooth, convenient, and transparent experience.

With EasySend, Real Garant can track each journey online and review the data afterward to look for optimization opportunities. Despite the pandemic, Real Garant has adopted a sustainable workflow that will scale as they grow.
Real Garant online journey built on the EasySend platform with example of the platform capabilities

Going above and beyond

  1. Ready to scale

    Tracking the journey and reviewing data helps make the entire process more transparent, profitable, and ready for growth.
  2. Onboarding in weeks

    A new digital B2B onboarding process has significantly reduced contract closing time.
  3. Agile in any circumstance

    Adapting to a remote workflow has allowed all departments to keep working from home without setbacks.
  4. Smooth onboarding & workflow

    New employees can quickly onboard, launch, and manage digital processes—reducing training time and supporting sales.

The power of EasySend at Real Garant

Building Managing Optimizing

EasySend No-code builder icon

No-code builder

Real Garant turned a complex multiform process into a digital B2B onboarding experience.
EasySend integrations icon


By integrating its CRM, Real Garant automates data collection and streamlines its workflow.
EasySend workflow icon

Custom workflow

Real Garant set up a custom 7-step workflow that adjusts according to the insurance product chosen. 
Multilingual icon


Translating their digital process into multiple languages helps clients easily complete the journey.
EasySend Co-browsing icon


Real Garant assists customers remotely by sharing screens and supporting clients in real-time.
EasySend journey sender icon

Journey Sender

Agents can easily find and send the right process.
EasySend's Auto- reminders icon


Real Garant sends personalized, automatic emails and texts according to each action a customer takes.

EasySend e-signature icon

Electronic signature

Using our electronic signature capabilities, Real Garant makes it easy to sign on any device.
EasySend Analytics and Reports icon

Analytics & reports

By reviewing the stats and analyzing the data, Real Garant can track and optimize its digital process.

Results exceed expectations

Florian Rohkamm, Chief Distribution Officer

“Ever since we started working with EasySend, we have noticed an improvement in our sales onboarding process. EasySend is reliable, transparent, and completely digital, which is exactly what we need in the current times.”

Florian Rohkamm
Chief Distribution Officer

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