Offering flexibility in times of uncertainty

Nurnberger online journey built on the EasySend platform with platform capabilities layered in the background
Change is inevitable. Nürnberger needed to act fast when anticipating a tsunami of policy cancellations as a result of COVID-19. By working with EasySend, they created a digital process that gave their customers flexible options to adjust, pause or cancel their plan stress-free.
Live in 6 weeks
Faster ROI
Simplified workflow
Remote in-person experience
Increased brand loyalty
Heinrich Fritzlar, Head Group Application Development

“It only took us six weeks from the first call with EasySend to the deployment of our digital workflow.”

Heinrich Fritzlar
Head Group Application Development

Helping customers find the right insurance

Nürnberger is a German insurance company offering full coverage across a wide range of product lines:
life insurance, private health insurance, property insurance, accident insurance, and car insurance. Known for its exceptional customer support, Nürnberger focuses on innovating with the times to meet its customers’ ever-changing needs.


Life, health, accident, and car insurance

Feature highlight

Journey Sender
Roles and permissions



Digital process

COVID-19 Plan Adjustment
The mission:

Act fast during

As a company that strives to meet customer expectations, being agile is an essential part of its business. When COVID-19 hit, Nürnberger anticipated a flood of support calls from customers facing financial distress. They needed a fast solution that could help assist customers through the uncertainty and reduce support calls. 
The solution:

Create a digital journey with flexibility

Nürnberger launched a new digital process in six weeks—from demo to live. This unique online experience guided customers through adjusting, pausing, or canceling their current insurance plans. By offering flexible options, customers could choose the best solution for them. Putting the customer first helped Nürnberger maintain and build their customer loyalty and stay true to their brand.

With EasySend’s Co-Browsing and electronic signature solutions, Nürnberger makes it easy to collect customer data and support customers in real-time when needed.
Nurnberger online journey built on the EasySend platform with the platform capabilities in the background

Mitigating the impact of
real-world issues

  1. Making changes stress-free

    A new COVID-19 digital process makes it simple for customers to adjust their insurance plans.
  2. Becoming more agile

    Moving to a digital solution in six weeks helps Nürnberger and its customers adjust to our new reality.
  3. Shifting into gear

    Nürnberger is preparing to digitize more complex forms to simplify customer data intake for any process.
  4. Building trust and brand loyalty

    By putting their customers first and anticipating challenges, Nürnberger has gained their customers’ trust and loyalty when they need it the most.

The power of EasySend at Nürnberger

Building Sending Assisting

EasySend online journey icon

No-code builder

Nürnberger created a digital process from scratch to proactively support their customers through times of uncertainty.

Journey Sender

Employees can prefill customer info and send digital processes from one place.
EasySend communication icon

Branded communication

The digital process, emails, and text messages all reflect Nürnberger’s brand creating a cohesive customer experience.
EasySend Co-Browsing icon


When needed, Nürnberger assists customers remotely by sharing screens and helping clients complete the digital journey in real-time.
EasySend's Auto- reminders icon

Roles and permissions

Specific roles are assigned for each step in the workflow so the right people have access at the right time.
EasySend Electronic signature icon

Electronic signature

Nürnberger uses our electronic signature capabilities to make it easy to sign on any device.

Swift response and delivery

Heinrich Fritzlar
Head Group Application Development

“Our project with EasySend was an absolute success. We were able to move swiftly to assist our customers in financial distress and help them overcome COVID-19 related challenges. The speed of implementation was incredible.”

Heinrich Fritzlar
Head Group Application Development

Make customer data intake easy 

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