Achieving a five-year digital plan in three months

When you have a vision, all you need is the right technology. VGM listened to their customers, understood their needs, and let their imagination run free. With EasySend, after only three months, they built eight digital customer journeys on their own—creating a digital world they thought only possible to achieve in five years.
Created a digital world in 3 months
sales cycle
Saved 30% on operational costs
Built 8 digital journeys independently

“When the pandemic hit, we had to change our five-year plan. It took us one quarter to fully achieve a completely digital process and automate our applications through EasySend's excellent solution. Now we're going to be at the forefront of technology instead of behind it."

Emily McCormack
Director of Operations

Finding unique and creative ways to support healthcare 

VGM & Associates is America's largest and most comprehensive Member Service Organization for post-acute healthcare, including DME/HME, Respiratory, Sleep, Wound Care, Complex Rehab, Women's Health, Home Modifications, Orthotics, and Prosthetics. VGM is 100% employee-owned, serving over 2,500 providers at nearly 7,000 locations nationwide.


Healthcare insurance

Digital journey

Manufacturers and Distributors Application
HME Dealers, Pharmacies and Sleep Lab
Allied Healthcare Programs and Facilities
Orthotic and Prosthetic Facilities
Excess Coverage Application


North America

Feature highlight

Logic & Validations
Custom Template Link
The mission:

Get ahead of the curve and think digitally 

Looking to the future, VGM understood the next 30 years would look very different. If they wanted to survive in a post-COVID world and keep up with the younger generation, they would need to think digitally. The time was now to start moving all manual processes into a digital workflow without printed documents, faxes, or post offices.
The solution:

Create a digital world in three months 

VGM started to dream up a five-year plan to tackle all their customer pain points and bring them to the forefront of technology. With EasySend, they were able to work much faster and make their original plan come to life in only three months. By thinking ambitiously, creatively, and digitally, VGM can serve its unique market and set the example for digital transformation. 

For VGM, embracing the right technology and becoming partners with EasySend made all the difference in the world – for their team and their customers.

Making healthcare easier for everyone

  1. Embracing the digital experience

    Digitizing manual processes on their own allowed VGM to build eight digital journeys in three months and reduce related operational costs by 30-50%.
  2. Becoming agile with no-code

    Building and optimizing digital journeys with zero dev reliance gave VGM the quick, simple, and agile Cloud environment to act fast and meet customer needs.
  3. Learning a new skill set and thinking differently

    Having custom training sessions with the EasySend team helped VGM understand the platform's broad capabilities and build digital customer journeys on their own. This independence allowed the team to embrace moments of change and imagine without boundaries.

The power of EasySend at VGM

Building Optimizing Sending

EasySend online journey icon

No-code builder

VGM turned time-consuming hand-written forms into a simplified digital journey for manufacturers, healthcare, and coverage, and more.


By creating VGM’s data infrastructure through API tools, their data can seamlessly flow between platforms. 

Logic & Validations

Adding conditions and field validations helps customers fill out their info correctly the first time, cutting out back-and-forth emails.


Every digital customer journey starts with a VGM theme that matches its strong brand and can be reused for every process. 

Analytics Dashboard

VGM tracks how their digital journeys perform to understand the best questions to ask and how to simplify the process. 

Smart flows

VGM’s customer journeys are dynamic so questions change according to who’s answering them.


VGM uses our electronic signature capabilities to make it easy for agents and customers to sign on any device.

Journey Sender

Agents can pre-fill info and send digital journeys from one place without wasting time searching through old processes.

Custom Template Link

VGM uses a custom standalone link for external agents instead of giving access to their entire system to maintain privacy.

The fastest thing I’ve ever developed

"We now tell our teams that whatever they can imagine, we can make it happen. We've thrown away all those boundaries, and now we're able to give our customers and teams tools that go above and beyond their expectations."

Scott Hagberg
Application and Automation Architect

Working with the team at EasySend

"They taught us through our phenomenal training how to create digital journeys on our own. They took our feedback and our requirements and then implemented them. We were partners on this. With EasySend, everything just started to fall into place.”
Scott Hagberg
Application and Automation Architect

VGM’s advice for enterprises

When you embrace the digital experience and see your application become digital, you start to see everything differently. Look at this as an opportunity to grow and change your mindset. Embrace it.

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