Integrate the tools you love

Connect the systems, databases, and third-party apps you already use to create a seamless workflow that fits right in.
Create personalized journeys
Use resources wisely
Create a smart workflow
Boost conversion rates

Make data flow seamlessly

EasySend was built with integrations in mind. With our flexible and secure platform, you can easily push and pull data from your existing database, core system, CRM, ERP, or enterprise applications.
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Create a faster, smarter workflow

Easysend chart showing the integartions workflow
Automate steps in your workflow and cut out human error. Easily sync your CRM and core systems to share data between the two. Set it up once and create uber personalized experiences with pre-filled data, while keeping info accurate and up-to-date across all systems.
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Find it all in our app marketplace

Create engaging customer experiences by integrating any third-party app or API with your digital journey. You’ll find it all in our marketplace from payment providers and ID verification to computing and banking tools.

Accept payments

Connect payment solutions including PayPal and Stripe.

Calculate eligibility

Estimate your customers’ loan eligibility with Fico.

Scan IDs

Verify banking info and IDs
with Plaid and Jumio.

Communicate at scale

Engage customers with Twilio and Zendesk.

Make it visual 

Add dynamic visuals like Google Maps and Nexar. 
Easysend secured log in icon

Secure log in

Allow users to
log in once with SSO
(single sign-on).
Integration process in the Easysend platform

The power of Salesforce combined with EasySend

Connect your Salesforce CRM to sync data between platforms and pre-populate fields automatically. Launch digital journeys from your Salesforce account, so your team can work from one trusted place while keeping customer info accurate across the board.
  • Launch digital journeys from Salesforce

  • Maintain one source of truth

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Create Business Reports

  • Bulk send journeys in a click

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Built-in tools to personalize and automate customer journeys


Pre-fill info for your customers, so they can complete their digital journey faster.


Make it simple for customers to calculate values on the spot.


Remind your customers to complete the process with triggered emails and texts.


Send thousands of pre-filled forms to your customers in one click.

Security is our top priority

You can trust your data is in good hands. EasySend is compliant with the highest international security and privacy standard including:
GDPR iconHippa compliant iconISO iconPCI DSS certified iconSOC2 icon

Digital journeys, ready when you are

Bring your enterprise up to speed, so you increase
your revenue and cut costs.
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