Launch a digital auto claim journey in days

From fender benders to major collisions, make it easy for your customers to file a car insurance claim online and repair the damage stress-free.

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Show your customers they’re in good hands

Simplify the auto claim process

Make accidents less stressful and reduce processing costs by up to 90%.

Cut down on costs

P&C insurers spend up to 80% of total premiums on car claims handling and indemnity.
Source: propertycasualty360

Win new customers & build brand loyalty

83% of dissatisfied customers have switched or are looking for another insurer.
Source: Accenture

Create a stress-free auto claim process

For your insurance company

Make it simple for your customers to start the claims process online. Let them know what info they need to collect and upload, so you'll have all the relevant details to keep moving forward. Just text or email the link, then support in real-time with Co-Browsing.

For your customers

Your customers will most likely feel shaken up after a car accident. Reduce their stress with an intuitive, mobile-friendly process that allows your customers to add all the relevant info, and images to fill out the car insurance claim from home or on the go

How to get started

  1. 1. Request an auto claim template

    You’ll get five service hours to help you get you up and running.
  2. 2. Customize the journey and emails

    Change the fields, add your logo, font, image, and colors.
  3. 3. Launch your first auto claim journey

    Send a link to your customers in a click or make it accessible online.
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EasySend digital car claim template

Your digital transformation tool kit

Customizable template
Start with an auto claims template and customize the logo, font, image, colors, and fields to match your brand.
Image & file upload
Tell your clients exactly what they need to upload to complete the auto claim process smoothly.

Speed up the process with auto-complete addresses to help your customers move forward faster. 
Conditions & Validations
Create conditions and validations to help your customers fill in fields correctly.
PDF Generator
Automatically generate an auto-filled branded PDF document to share with your customer or keep on file. 
Make it easy for your customers to sign documents digitally with our eSignature solution. 
Integrate your CRM, so you can automatically collect data and update customer info.
Walk your customers through the process from start to finish with Co-Browsing, our remote assistance tool.
Journey Tracker
Track your customers’ progress and see where they're getting stuck so you can follow up with text or email.
Analytics Dashboard
Get an overview of how all your journeys perform and track how many links were sent, opened, and completed so you can keep optimizing.
Branded emails
Create branded emails as part of your journey flow to seamlessly keep your customers moving forward.

Car accident sketching
Help customers complete their auto claim by generating a sketch of their accident right in the process.
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We’ve got security covered

Our platform, eSignature tool, and auto claims template are compliant with the highest international security standards, including GDPR,
SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and HIPAA compliance. 

GDPR iconHippa compliant iconISO iconPCI DSS certified iconSOC2 icon
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Auto claim digital journeys, ready when you are

Request a car claim insurance template  from our sales team today.
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