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Learn how to evolve forms into easy digital experiences with free video courses.
Make the complex simple. EasySend is a no-code platform that helps enterprises launch digital processes at a fraction of the cost and time. With our online courses, learn how to turn forms into digital experiences, streamline customer data intake, automate your workflow and optimize your sales cycle.

Online courses



Learn the EasySend fundamentals and what you can accomplish with the platform.
  • 8 video tutorials
  • 8 quizzes 
  • Final exam
  • Certification
Best for: Business Owners and project managers


Master the EasySend platform and get everything you need to build a digital process.
  • 28 video tutorials
  • 22 quizzes & 11 exercises
  • Final exam
  • Certification
Best for: TIER 1 IT SPecialists


Deepen your understanding of how to manage and optimize digital processes with EasySend.
  • 15 video tutorials
  • 30 quizzes & 4 exercises
  • Final exam
  • Certification
Best for: TIER 2 IT SPecialists

Master the platform

Level up your skills in just a few hours with these mini-courses.

EasySend Analytics

2 hours

Make smarter business decisions: See how to dive into your collected customer data to spot trends, optimize your digital experiences and predict the future.

  • How to use EasySend Analytics
  • How to create custom dashboards for specific KPIs
  • How to share dashboards with key stakeholders
15 video tutorial  |  9 exercises  |  Final exam |  Certification
Best for: Business Owners, project managers & EXPERT CERTIFIED

UPDATED! Formula Editor

4 hours

Learn how to add calculations, logical expressions, and complex conditions to your digital processes without code.

  • How to master the Formula Editor
  • How to nest functions
  • How to use date functions
  • How to return multiple values
  • How to use format functions
5 video tutorial  |  4 exercises  |  Final exam |  Certification
Best for: Tier 1/2 IT Specialists & EXPERT CERTIFIED
The course provided me with all the tools needed to build a digital process. I will surly recommend it to relevant coworkers and peers.
Jessica Stubsten
Forms Development Specialist at RLI Insurance

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which course is right for me?

Essential is great for beginners, business owners, and project managers. Expert is good for those who are already familiar with EasySend and have an IT background. Evolved is for IT specialists looking to deepen their understanding of our management and optimization tools.

Do I get certified when I complete a course?

Yes! Once you complete a course, you’ll receive a certification.

I can’t log in to my course, what should I do?

If you’ve signed up for a course, you’ll receive login credentials to your email. If you still haven’t received them, contact us.

Can I take the more advanced courses before the Essential? 

Yes, we’ll sign you up according to your role.

Can I start a course at any time?

Yes, once you have your login info you can start learning at any time and finish the course within 60 days. If you need to stop and start, your place will be saved.

Will I get help during the course?

Of course, whenever you have a question, just contact us and ask away.

Do you offer live training sessions?

We’d be happy to provide your enterprise with live training sessions. Contact us and we’ll follow up as soon as we can.

How long will I have access to the course?

Your account will be active for 60 days. If you need more time, please contact us  and we’d be happy to extend your time.

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