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Chad Dull pet plan

Go live fast

"It was amazing. We went from verbal discussions to live with our first process in less than three weeks. It was so easy. It was so fast. It was actually the fastest partnership integration project I’ve ever worked on and I’ve been in this industry and call center management support for about 20+ years."

Chad Dull
Claims Director, PetPlan
Florian Rohkamm 
Chief Distribution Officer, Real Garant by Zurich

Improve your sales onboarding

Ever since we started working with EasySend, we have noticed an improvement in our sales onboarding process. EasySend is reliable, transparent, and completely digital, which is exactly what we need in the current times.”

Florian Rohkamm 
Chief Distribution Officer, Real Garant by Zurich 
Scott Hagberg
Application & Automation Architect, VGM Group Inc.

Elevate your workflow

"When we went to production, we realized that we had moved past the major point. We built our processes software around PDFs and now we're building processes and then defining the PDF. We're no longer tied to the questionnaire, so we can branch out. We've got five, six, seven different enhancements going, and three months later live in production."

Scott Hagberg
Application & Automation Architect, VGM Group Inc.

Everything you need to go from manual to digital

No-code platform

Build and manage digital custom journeys with no code

Digital transformation is easier than you think with our no-code customer engagement platform. Start from scratch or digitize any PDF. Use smart tools like validations and conditions to make sure each form is filled out accurately. Assign custom roles and permission to manage the workflow every step of the way. With custom themes, every journey you build will feel true to your brand.

example of EasySend drag and drop builder
AI Builder

Digitize your journeys automatically

Our AI Builder is ready to turn your PDFs into digital consumer journeys. Just choose the PDF you want to transform and the AI Builder will analyze it, mark all the fields, and prep it for data collection. All that’s left to do is add characteristics to make your journey smarter, like validations, conditions, workflows and integrations.

Integrations and CRM

Automate data collection with integrations

Create a seamless workflow from start to finish by integrating any third-party app or CRM like PayPal, Salesforce, or Twilio. By automating your data documentation with the organizational systems you already use, you’ll reduce human error, and cut back on manual labor, so your agents can focus on what they do best—building relationships.

Business analytics

Optimize every step with analytics

See the big picture or dive into the data. With your Analytics Dashboard, you can track each journey and understand where customers are getting stuck at any stage. By seeing your data visually, you’ll better understand how to optimize your onboarding for better conversions. With weekly, monthly, or daily data reports you’ll be more on top of your sales game than ever before.


Create that in-person experience with Co-Browsing

Assist customers remotely to help them finish their digital journey in real-time. With our Co-Browsing software, your agents can be their awesome selves remotely and continue building relationships even from afar. It’s the best way to boost brand loyalty and speed up the sales cycle—from any device.

Easysend co-browsing tool. where an agent is helping a customer online and in real time to complete his online process

Signed, sealed, delivered—online!

Make it easy for agents and customers to sign securely from any device with our eSignature solution for enterprises. Cut out any manual tasks and automate data documentation. Set up reminders, so your customers finish the process as efficiently as possible. Your agents are ready for change and your customers will thank you for making the process hassle-free.

Mobile view of EasySend's  e-signature tool

Digitizing 2000+
manual processes

Transform your financial and insurance manual processes into engaging customer experiences.
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Digitizing 2000+manual processesDigitizing 2000+manual processes

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A powerful suite of enterprise digital transformation solutions

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Enterprise-grade security

EasySend maintains the most stringent global security standards and international privacy and data regulations keeping your data secure.
EasySend Privacy and data compliance icon

Privacy & data compliance

EasySend is compliant with the highest international privacy and data regulations, including GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance. 
EasySend SSO (single-sign-on) icon

SSO (Single-Sign-On)

Allow your agents and customers to sign in once while providing excellent security compliance across your entire platform.
EasySend training and consulting icon

Training & consulting

We’ll be here every step of the way to onboard, train your team, map out projects, and provide any support you need to keep moving forward.
EasySend analytics and business reports icon

Business Reports

See how your digital journeys are performing on a macro and micro level so you can optimize the experience for better conversions.
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Custom solutions

Every digital journey you build is fully customizable so it feels like a natural extension of your company—from start to finish. 
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