EasySend eSignature for Digital Engagement in Insurance and Banking

Automate core processes by simplifying the collection of legally-binding eSignatures from your customers. Secure, simple, remote.

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EasySend esignature tool

All-in-one digital engagement solution with eSignatures

Build and deploy secure and engaging customer journeys quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

EasySend empowers financial enterprises to convert boring paperwork into engaging customer journeys made with the highest compliance and security standards. Effortlessly lead your customers through your workflows, gather legally binding eSignatures, and get all the data into your internal systems.

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How EasySend eSignature solution works

EasySend eliminates an entire layer of manual processing out of complex workflows. Automatically generate a link that can be embedded into any communication channel and collect data and eSignatures from your customers in a simple and effortless way.

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Automatically generate a link

Build a process and automatically generate a secure individual link for each customer

Deploy on any digital channel

Send to your customer via any channel SMS, email, support portal, website, mobile app, chatbot

Build a streamlined experience

Your customer fills and signs the paperwork through a user-friendly journey

Two-way integration with internal systems

Push&pull data into all relevant internal systems and fully eliminate manual processing from the mix

  • Slash Costs Drastically reduce IT and operational costs associated with paperwork around core processes
  • Boost revenues Increase engagement on digital channels, test and optimize
  • Engage with customers Treat paperwork as an opportunity to engage with customers and improve their experience

Take digital engagement to the next level with EasySend

Digital journeys with eSignatures for any insurance and banking use-case

There are two ways financial enterprises can deal with paperwork. Either think of it as a roadblock to customer experience or treat it as an opportunity for customer engagement. EasySend helps financial institutions to take the pain out of paperwork and build engagement opportunities around core business processes that involve customer data collection.

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End-to-end customer engagement solution with complaint eSignatures

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