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Digital customer journey

Digital customer journey is a series of digital interactions that guide the user to complete some sort of action, such as signing up for an account, filing a claim, or applying for a loan.  Digital customer journeys can be created to replace outdated, manual and paper-based workflows, or to launch new customer-facing processes or products.

The Digital customer journey consists of four parts:

  • Digital trigger, or the starting point of the journey. Digital customer journeys typically start with a trigger, such as an email or a push notification that alerts the user of something that is relevant to them. Another way to start a digital journey is to initiate an enrollment or onboarding process on a company website or a self-service portal.
  • Digital touchpoints, or the channels through which customers are engaging with brands, which could be a website, an app, a phone call with a representative, or even a visit to a physical location.
  • Digital interactions, or what the customers are actually doing, such as filling out a form, sending in documentation, or signing a contract.
  • Digital outcomes, the journey concludes with an outcome, such as the user completing the desired action or failing to do so.

The digital customer journey is a complex process involving multiple technologies, job functions and touching upon various internal processes. But just because digital journeys are complex behind the scenes, their main goal s to simplify the process for the end customer.

Digital customer journeys can be used to improve customer experience, marketing, sales, and even internal processes. Customer expectations are growing, and digital journeys are becoming an increasingly important part of how organizations engage with customers, understand their expectations, and ultimately deliver on them. 

Today, digital customer journeys are becoming an important part of organization roadmaps across industries. Some examples of digital customer journeys include:

  • Digital FNOL and digital claims in insurance industry
  • Digital account opening and customer detail updates in financial services
  • Patient intake information in healthcare
  • Mortgage calculators in real estate
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