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Average call handle time (ACH)

Average call handle time (ACH) measures the average time to complete a customer service call. This is an important key performance indicator (KPI) for call centers as it indicates the efficiency of their operations. It is a way of monitoring and improving customer service delivery since shorter ACH times result in more calls being completed within any given time period.

For insurers, this KPI is critical to achieving a balance between customer service and cost control. A lower call handle time can improve customer satisfaction as customers receive faster resolution of their issues. It also helps cut costs by reducing the labor required for each phone call.

ACH can be improved by both process improvements and technology. On the process front, call centers can analyze and evaluate their current ACH times to identify any areas for improvement.

This could include streamlining processes or introducing self-service options that reduce the need for customer service representatives.

On the technology side, implementing automation tools such as chatbots, voice bots and automated customer service systems can improve ACH times by handling basic inquiries with minimal human intervention.

ACH can be improved by:

  • Optimizing the call center process
  • Training staff to handle calls efficiently
  • Encouraging service representatives to take ownership
  • Incentivizing service representatives to reduce ACH time and provide better customer experiences
  • Improvements in technology, such as automated voice recognition, IVR routing systems, and  AI-powered solutions
  • Deflecting routine, high-volume inquiries such as quotes, billing, and FNOL to self-service portals

Given its importance for insurers, ACH should be monitored regularly to ensure that customer service remains efficient and cost-effective.

It is also essential to review the trends in ACH over time, as this allows insurers to identify areas for improvement and take corrective action if necessary.  Ultimately, improving average call handle times helps insurers achieve their bottom line goals while providing better customer service.

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