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How no-code platforms help enterprises achieve scalable digital transformation

How no-code platforms help enterprises achieve scalable digital transformation | EasySend blog
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What does it take to scale a company’s digital transformation

Digital transformation is a process that can take years or months. A critical element of scaling digital transformation comes after a successful pilot or experiment, when leaders must work to scale what works and replicate success.

If replication is at the center of scaling, how does a business successfully replicate processes that are changing? 

Adapting quickly is  a key component of successful scaling. That means taking a pulse of what’s working and prioritizing the most impactful areas to build upon.

That is why agility one of the pillars of digital transformation.

Today’s customer wants a customer journey that is:

  • Connected
  • Personalized
  • Innovative

If an organization cannot meet these expectations, the customer will find one that does.  A recent study found that 32% of consumers will leave a company after a single bad experience, many without even complaining.  How many businesses can afford to lose a third of their customer base?

What is no-code and how is it relevant for enterprise digital transformation

No-code platforms empower citizen developers who have little to no coding skills but have a need to create applications.  The citizen developers can build, test, and deploy business applications because no-code platforms do not require actual programming experience.  Instead, applications are developed using visual tools to drag and drop components into a template.  Citizen developers have a graphical user interface (GUI) that lets them arrange and rearrange elements until they have a working application.

No-code platforms can bridge the gap between the increasing need for software applications and the ongoing lack of software developers.   The platform can enable non-technical personnel to create applications to improve efficiencies and impact the customer journey while freeing programmers to work on more complex projects, requiring coding skills. 

So how can no-code platforms help organizations scale their digital transformation to meet customer expectations?

Staying connected with customers is essential

What do customers mean by connected?  They expect companies to speak with one voice.  If they call customer support about the same problem, they expect the support representative to know about the previous conversations.  And they don’t care if one conversation was through a website and another via the phone.  In fact, they don’t care if the first conversation was a minute or a month ago.  About 70% of customers said that a seamless transition from one channel to the next is crucial for a positive customer experience.

What if the centralized customer service system doesn’t update in real-time?  How does a service representative know about the same-day interactions?  Creating a no-code form for same-day communications is one way to address the problem.  Employees can use the form to address customer concerns during the day, and the legacy system can be updated from a single source at the end of the day.

The value of a personalized approach

People have never enjoyed being treated like a number, but personalized service has become a defining factor in exceptional customer experiences.  

  • 70% of customers expect companies to understand how they use their products and services.
  • 59% of consumers want personalized interactions based on past engagements.
  • 84% of respondents want a customized experience that makes them feel like a person.

No-code platforms can facilitate personalized customer experiences by relying on citizen developers who have a working knowledge of the customer.  For example, a service organization requires specific information related to age, marital status, and family size. The company could blanket its customer base with a generic form, or it could use citizen developers to create customer-specific data collection applications.

Instead of creating a one-size-fits-all form, developers using no-code solutions can tailor forms to specific market segments such as single consumers under the age of 28 without children.  Because marketing typically has access to demographic data, they can easily create customer-specific forms.  Applying agile methodologies, the forms could go through multiple iterations without significant interruption to IT or the customer.

Innovation as a strategy

The majority of consumers want companies to consistently deliver innovative products, policies, or services.  They expect those innovations to happen more frequently.  At the same time, it takes more innovation to convince customers that a company is forward-thinking.

  • 56% look for the most innovative companies to conduct business with.
  • 66% want to be impressed with a company’s innovation
  • 63% expect a constant stream of new products or services.

That means, organizations have to show customers through their daily interactions precisely how creative they are.

Consumers may not know when they are interacting with a no-code solution, but they will recognize the innovation that comes with faster and more customer-focused applications.  No-code solutions can be delivered more quickly with a higher level of customization, which translates into forward-thinking organizations.

The future belongs to companies that achieve digital transformation at scale

No-code platforms and scalable digital transformation | EasySend blog

What does it mean to scale your business?  Scale and growth are often viewed as the same; however, there’s a difference.  Growth means adding resources at the same time as adding revenue.  Scalability is an organization’s ability to perform well under increased demand while adding costs at an incremental rate. In other words, a company scales well when it continues to function efficiently and effectively while meeting ever-increasing operational demands — without adding costs at a corresponding rate. 

Organizations cannot scale if their infrastructure and available resources restrict their growth.  Changing a company’s infrastructure and making better use of its resources is at the heart of digital transformation.  It is through a digital transformation that businesses can begin to scale.

No-code platforms can help organizations to scale by making better use of available resources through the use of citizen developers.  The platforms minimize the need for highly paid developers and increase the speed at which solutions can be delivered.  Companies can then replicate the success of no-code solutions by training more citizen developers from existing staff. 

Once no-code becomes a part of the infrastructure, it brings digital transformation one step closer.  It enables organizations to perform efficiently and effectively with only incremental cost increases, which is the definition of scalability.  Most of all, it lets companies create connected, personalized, and innovative experiences that exceed customer expectations.  For more information on no-code can help your business scale, contact us.

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Vera Smirnoff
Vera Smirnoff

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