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What are AI no-code platforms and how are they transforming digital customer experience

What are AI no-code platforms and how are they transforming digital customer experience | EasySend blog
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A customer journey is one of the most crucial aspects that a business should focus on in a digital world. Customers expect a seamless experience across a variety of devices and channels, whether they are opening a bank account, applying for insurance coverage or mortgage, or filing an insurance claim.

The problem is that building an enterprise-grade digital journey is a complex, resource-intensive, and lengthy process. Many organizations struggle to develop digital customer journeys due to a lack of a skilled workforce, slow-moving and overworked IT departments, a lack of company knowledge around the customer journey, or a lack of a clear and consistent customer journey process.

AI no-code platforms are a new form of solutions that have emerged to meet the needs of organizations for creating a digital experience while overcoming these challenges.

AI no-code platforms offer an easy way for businesses to build a customized customer experience by using drag-and-drop interfaces and templates as a foundation with little or no coding required. This makes it possible for organizations with a limited budget and IT team, or even those without an in-house IT department, to create customer journeys that help them engage their customers across digital touchpoints.

The technology can be used across a variety of industries, such as financial institutions, real estate or a travel agency, logistics, or any industry where organizations interact with customers digitally.

What are AI no-code platforms?

Most of us are skeptical when a new, unknown product or service is introduced to the market. So what are AI no-code platforms?

AI no-code platforms are a set of tools that allow organizations to build customized applications, such as digital customer journeys, without writing a single line of code. No-code platforms help make the process much simpler by using drag and drop visual interfaces.

How do AI no-code platforms work?

AI no-code platforms provide a visual interface that is easy to navigate with drag & drop features. No-code means that digital journeys can be created by a whole range of businesses users, from marketers to CEOs, relieving the pressure on overworked IT teams.

AI-powered no-code platforms are taking advantage of big data sets to build digital journeys that are optimized for the customer experience.

Top 6 reasons to opt for AI no-code platform


Opting for AI no-code platforms is the best way to go because it is cost-effective. You don't need a team of expert programmers to create a digital customer journey with AI no-code platforms!

This means that a digital customer journey strategy powered by no-code platforms is cost-effective. They provide a great way to drive forward digital transformation without requiring a company to hire a whole new team of developers or IT professionals.

AI no-code platforms are a cost-effective way to generate a return on investment. AI no-code platforms also require a lower upfront commitment and agile development schedule, generating higher ROI. This means AI no code can be an effective digital customer journey tool for any company looking at the future of their business operations.

Amplify your existing IT capabilities

One key benefit that AI no code provides is the ease with which a digital customer journey can be created. Creating digital applications and customer journeys with no-code platforms does not require coding skills.

This means business users can take matters into their own hands instead of relying exclusively on your IT team. This gives your IT team the bandwidth to concentrate on more complex, infrastructure, and technology-related tasks instead of building new apps and digital journeys.

AI no-code platforms amplify existing resources and enable business users to build applications without relying on your IT staff.

  • Easy to build: an easy way of creating prototypes without having to learn complex programming languages or tools
  • Easy to maintain: minimal coding is needed for any changes to your digital customer journey
  • Customizable: AI no-code platforms can be easily customized according to your needs 

Empower agility

By giving business users the ability to create their own digital journeys via pre-existing templates and drag-and-drop tools, AI no-code platforms reduce development time. You can build a digital customer journey in just days, compared to months-long traditional development projects.

No-code tools empower agility because they enable a business user to create a digital customer journey and experiment with different iterations without any developer assistance.

AI no-code platforms provide a simple, cost-effective way of building AI-powered apps that can be customized according to your needs!

Industry agnostic

AI no-code platforms can be used in various industries across many sectors. Some industries where these can be applied include banking, insurance, real estate, business process optimization, and logistics.

No-code AI platforms are versatile and can be used in any industry, so opting for this type of platform allows your business to take on new opportunities.

A typical example is a banking onboarding journey. The AI no-code platforms can be used to build a digital customer journey for a specific bank account holder with personal details, such as their name and other ids, that collects necessary data, attachments, and eSignatures required to open the account.

AI no-code platforms are a cost-effective solution that can be quickly deployed and customized for the needs of an organization's customer journey. This is done by using a drag-and-drop interface with prebuilt content blocks to create a digital journey explicitly tailored for your business.

These applications can be integrated with different systems such as CRM, BPO, or ERP tools.

AI no-code platforms improve customer experience

No-code platforms improve customer experience. This is a key benefit of AI no-code platforms, as it can be used to create digital customer journeys that are personalized and tailored to suit your customers' needs.

AI no-code platforms are a powerful technology in the journey creation domain that can help to automate and simplify a business's interactions with their customers, both online and offline.

AI no-code platforms consider factors such as location data or recent purchases when creating a digital journey for a specific customer.

  • Fully responsive design that works on all devices
  • End-to-end digital journey
  • Analytics and optimization

Enable the culture of experimentation

Optimizing digital journeys requires experimentation with different approaches and templates. AI no-code platforms enable a business to experiment with varying iterations without having a developer's help.

AI no-code platforms enable experimentation because they allow business users to develop hypotheses for optimization and quickly build experiments to test these hypotheses.

This helps businesses to optimize their customer journeys by testing new ideas or strategies that could yield higher ROI in the future.

Why are AI no-code platforms one of the most effective digital customer journey tools?

Today AI no-code platforms are a valuable digital customer journey tool. The AI no-code platforms enable the integration of a variety of information and services, such as data from different systems or external sources. 

The AI no-code platform can be an excellent tool for businesses looking to drive stronger customer experience, improve ROI and increase conversion rates. These platforms offer a quick way for organizations in various industries to create a personalized digital journey or new app with minimal coding skills required.

This is done without writing any code at all, which means that they are relatively quick to implement, easy to maintain from a centralized dashboard, and AI no-code platforms are a good solution for digital customer journey tools.

  • AI no-code platforms can be up and running quickly, allowing your IT department to focus on other important aspects like security or system modernization instead of developing digital experiences from scratch.
  • AI no-code platforms are a great digital customer journey tool because they allow organizations to avoid the common pitfalls of developing a fully custom solution by taking advantage of machine learning algorithms, saving time and money in the process.
  • It can be much easier to integrate AI no-code platforms with your current systems than a fully custom-made solution.
  • AI no-code platforms allow a business to create a digital experience for customers without a skilled workforce or knowledge of the customer journey process and low risk or investment costs involved.
  • AI no-code platforms provide a simple, low-cost way of building customer journeys that can be customized according to your needs.
  • AI no-code platforms improve the customer experience by providing digital journeys tailored exclusively for each individual customer.
  • AI no-code platforms make it possible to experiment and optimize a digital customer journey without developers’ help.

The bottom line: AI no-code platforms provide low maintenance and cost-effective ways of building AI-powered digital journeys that improve customer experience, help a company take on new opportunities, and help a business grow!

Ready to get started with no-code digital journeys? Discover 100s of manual processes you can digitize across your operations, IT, sales, and service departments in order to stay ahead with your digital transformation.

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