Two ways going digital helps enterprises cope with the Coronavirus crisis

EasySend blog - Two ways going digital will help you better cope with the Coronavirus crisis

Universities, events, retailers, and brands are taking their activities online as Coronavirus forces sector after sector to consider replacing real-world interactions with virtual alternatives. 

Schools are switching to digital learning, companies are embracing remote working for their teams, conferences and trade fairs are now launching virtual versions.

The one positive of the situation is that we can use it as an opportunity to strengthen the digital delivery capabilities. Enterprises realize that digital channels are necessary for making the most of digital tools, in order to maintain communication with customers that no-longer can interact with their insurer, bank or service provider face to face.

The cost of not having digital processes skyrocketed

The spreading of Coronavirus is causing more and more people to be quarantined and maintain isolation for extended periods. At the same time, international borders are on lockdown, as governments across the globe are making efforts to stall the spread of the global pandemic. 

This impacts a business’s ability to operate, especially if they are not digital and rely on in-person interactions with customers. 

We have identified two specific areas where EasySend can provide significant value to non-digital enterprises, in particular:

  1. Enterprises that typically require or rely on face-to-face interactions for collecting customer data necessary for core business processes.
  2. Enterprises that need their employees to be physically located in the office and/or with secure access to the company’s back-office systems to input or access data to fill in paperwork.

Insurers see a marked jump in inquiries for health policies

Insurers are seeing a sharp increase in inquiries on health insurance policies, with customers seeking protection against Covid-19 that has already infected over 100,000 people around the world. Queries on new policies have increased up to 40% since fresh cases of the virus were detected globally.

Here’s how EasySend can help

Go digital quickly

Time is of the essence, and enterprises who were falling behind on digital channels are starting to feel the impact on their bottom lines.


With EasySend, companies can digitalize their processes quickly to continue their business processes and sales unimpeded. By enabling clients, partners, and vendors to fill in forms remotely but without compromising on real-time support by using the co-browsing capability, EasySend reduces the economic impact the global COVID-19 pandemic has on the customer-oriented businesses worldwide.

Complex workflows made easy

Besides, the workflow capability means multiple people can be involved in reviewing, editing, and completing the process without needing any physical interaction between them at all.

Simple integrations with core and legacy systems

Companies that digitalize their processes are also able to integrate the fields in the digital form with their back-end systems. This means all data that is submitted electronically automatically goes into the back-end systems with no need for manual data entry, and forms can also be automatically pre-filled. 

Digital capabilities reduce the company’s vulnerability to having their employees in isolation and/or accessing data while working from home in a less-than-secure environment.

Going digital empowers enterprises in the long term

Robust digital channels offer companies the means to hedge against the impact of lockdowns and quarantines on the foot traffic in their branches. EasySend’s platform capabilities empower enterprises to quickly digitalize processes in a matter of hours. Digital channels will be the crucial element for surviving the coming months without severe long-term consequences on the economic health of the company. 

And once things get back to normal, being digital will continue to deliver value in terms of superior customer experience and reduced operational costs.

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