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How we raised over $71.5M in two years, or why the emerging no-code digital journeys market is primed for explosive growth

Why the emerging no-code digital journeys market is primed for explosive growth | EasySend blog
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Today I have some very exciting news to share. EasySend has just announced a Series B funding round, bringing the total amount raised to date to $71.5M. 

The announcement follows a year of accelerated growth, which saw the company expand 10-fold in the US. We started working with industry-leading insurance carriers such as Cincinnati Insurance, NJM, PSCU, Sompo, Real Garant, as well as promising startups such as Tandem Bank and Superscript.

The no-code digital journey market is primed for explosive growth. The need to transform customer interactions is apparent, but traditional ways of digital transformation are too slow, clunky, and expensive. 

For companies looking to launch their very own digital journeys, no-code digital journey platforms are the fastest and most cost-effective way to do that.  And with this new round of funding, EasySend is best positioned to become the clear leader in this emerging space.

The tipping point for no-code digital journeys is here

The digital journeys market is at a tipping point. Every department—marketing, sales, service and support, HR, and call centers —is experiencing exponential growth in the number of digital customer-facing touchpoints. 

At the same time, companies can no longer afford to wait for months on end before seeing their digital experience projects come to life, as is the case with code-driven IT projects. 

But launching digital journeys is only one piece of the puzzle: maintenance is equally (if not more) challenging, especially in the age of fast-moving digital interactions. The sheer amount of digital journeys is quickly snowballing into an unmanageable mess: enterprises today spend a ridiculous amount of time and resources on maintaining and updating digital front-ends.

Analytics is the third essential component. It is not enough to simply launch digital experiences anymore; businesses should be able to measure their pulse, identify points of friction and act accordingly. Only by understanding the end-to-end customer journeys can you boost revenues, reduce costs and make the experience better for everyone using it.

That is where the emerging no-code digital journey platforms come into play. 

The idea is simple: give nontechnical users tools to create customer-facing digital journeys via Drag & Drop interface rather than code, allowing organizations to bring sophisticated digital experiences to life 100x times faster. We are talking about shortening the time to market from 6-12 months to only 3 weeks.

No-code platforms allow businesses to launch, update and monitor their digital touchpoints easily, without having to dedicate efforts and resources to coding, maintaining, and analyzing hundreds (or thousands) of digital journeys.

The secret sauce: accelerated digital journey transformation

If you could make your five-year digital transformation plans only take three months, what would happen? 

Your entire business is changed. You can stay ahead of your competition, innovate, create remarkable customer experiences and harness the power of technology to grow exponentially and generate new revenue streams by serving customers in new ways. 

This is the power of EasySend's no-coding digital platform. EasySend’s impact goes far beyond boosting customer experience and cost-saving; it changes the entire business by allowing organizations' to leapfrog into the future.

Why now? The market gap allows for disruption

When you look at other no-code digital journey platforms out there, available tools are an inverse reflection of high-code environments: they either allow customization but at the cost of slow, expensive, complex implementation (still requiring heavy IT support), or are simple to implement but solve only one part of the digital journey, lack flexibility and are difficult to integrate with other systems (still requiring heavy IT support.)

We have instinctively stumbled upon an unfilled gap in the market. We stand out with a different take on what’s possible: we offer self-service, end-to-end digital journey capabilities (from front-end to back-end), a simple way to integrate with any platform, tools, or apps, as well as sophisticated data management tools in a simple to use platform, creating a holistic, but user-friendly offering.

The need for flexible, lightweight solutions that business users can own has never been greater. EasySend is a full, agile, and low-friction solution, fitting right in the gap between the “functional, but difficult to implement” and “simple, but limited” tools at the other end of the spectrum. 

From bootstrap to a funded startup

Five years ago, when my co-founders Eran and Omer Shirazi, and I bootstrapped the company, we hoped that we were onto something big. But we couldn’t have imagined what a simple idea of “digitizing paperwork” could grow into down the road. 

A lot has happened since then—a successful Series A gave us the opportunity to build out an amazing global team, improve our product and expand our presence in the US market tenfold. 

Our basic vision hasn’t changed—to help companies, large and small, bring their customer-facing digital journey plans into reality faster than ever before. But the scope of impact that no-code digital journey technology can have on the organization has grown beyond anything we envisioned at first. 

We realize that the potential of no-code digital journeys is even bigger than we initially thought.  Our vision has expanded far beyond what we originally envisioned into a platform for transforming the entire customer journey without requiring expensive projects and years of development.

I am happy to say that this vision is becoming a reality. Today, world-class organizations rely on EasySend's technology to create their digital customer journeys, and we are powering tens of millions of end-user transactions each year.  

Explosive growth by empowering agile digital experience transformation

We made some mistakes, but they turned out to be the right kinds of mistakes - mistakes we can learn from. We love mistakes as they allow us to move faster, stay agile, and test ideas. We take a lot from our failures because they're an opportunity for self-reflection that can lead to innovation.

We have seen a shift in the way our customers use EasySend since we've launched - from being used primarily for building a single digital journey to managing tens or even hundreds of digital journeys from the platform. Our customers are expanding from 5 to 100s digital journeys, and I can soon see them expanding from 100s to 1000s journeys in the near future.

The time to value we could demonstrate is so short that the expansion we have been seeing was faster than expected.  One of our biggest success stories is the customer who was able to turn around a 5-year project in just 3 months.

Digital transformation happy team | EasySend blog

It’s just the beginning

The next couple of years are shaping up to be a game-changer for building customer-facing digital experiences. Today, only 5% use no-code. In 5 years, this number is predicted to hover over 65%. 

As more companies are looking to deploy no-code platforms to transform the customer experience, there is a huge potential to grow. As a result, I expect a wave of funding in this space over the next few years. 

I look forward to making 2022 another year of exponential growth for EasySend. Now that we've demonstrated the concept in the United States and established ourselves as industry leaders, we are switching gears from successfully proving the concept to expanding the market share, conquering new markets and verticals. 

The no-code digital journey market is going to explode, and EasySend is leading the way

One of the lessons learned during this year of accelerated growth was that focus is key.  With the support of this funding round, we will continue to focus on our vision for no-code digital journeys.

We have a great team on board and support from the investors who believed in our vision and worked with us as partners every step of the way. We doubled our headcount in just six months and continue expanding our team globally to Australia, Japan, Europe, and planning to triple our headcount in the United States, so there will be lots of new faces to welcome. 

Many challenges still lie ahead, but I'm certain that when you're delivering real value to your clients, addressing the correct market, and developing the right product—all while recruiting an effective team—your chances for ultimate success are exponentially higher. 

And our rapid growth trajectory is a welcome sign that we are getting at least some of these things right. I believe it shows how significant the need is out there for this kind of platform and how eager companies are to bring their digital experiences to life quickly, easily, and at scale. 

The future is bright: there’s no limit to the number of markets we can go into or new use cases that can be applied to our platform. Making digital engagement easy for all businesses is what drives me every single day. I couldn't be more thrilled about this opportunity, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. 

This is an exciting new chapter for us at EasySend, and the product roadmap ahead is just as promising. We are committed to helping companies across the world reimagine their customer engagements through no-code digital journeys - customer experiences that can truly make a difference to brands and customers alike.

A note of gratitude

Building a startup from the ground up is anything but easy. You don't know what you don't know, especially when you are doing it for the first time, as is the case for my co-founders and me. 

But you can overcome any challenge when you have a great team in your corner: from management to employees, partners, and investors.

A huge thank you to the entire EasySend family - I'm very proud of what we've accomplished, and now we can celebrate that together as a team. 

I would like to thank our partners at Oak HC/FT, who led this round of investment, as well as our investors from Vertex, Intel Capital, and Hanaco Ventures, who believed in our vision and supported us in taking the company to the next level.

I would also like to thank our customers and partners for their ongoing feedback, which has helped shape EasySend's no-code platform, enabling us to improve and see new possibilities and use-cases for our product that we haven’t thought of before.

Special thanks to:

Dan Petrozzo and Tess Munsie (Oak HC/FT) for believing in our vision. Dan and his team have become invaluable partners as we look to lead the new category of no-code digital journey platforms

Yanai Oron (Vertex), for working with me every step of the way, giving valuable advice, and being a real partner.

Alon Lifshits (Hanaco) for pushing me to think differently and outside of the box.

Roi Bar-kat (Intel Capital) for all of your support and constant encouragement.

Shoutout to my co-founders Eran and Omer Shirazi, who embarked on this journey with me 5 years ago and have been by my side every step of the way.

I would like to extend thanks to EasySend’s management team: Asaf Geva,  Gitit Greenberg, Erez Fisher, Slomo Amir, Meirav Peleg Landau, Dalia Moldiln,  Haim Rappaport, Pat Doyle, Mick O'Brien, and the entire EasySend family. 

I'm looking forward to continuing our journey together,

Tal Daskal, CEO at EasySend

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Evolve complex forms into easy digital experiences with EasySend, trusted by Fortune 500 financial organizations. Our powerful no-code platform revolutionizes complex forms, seamlessly converting data collection processes for loan applications, account openings, and chargebacks into effortless digital experiences.

About EasySend

Transform the entire policy lifecycle, from quote to renewal, with EasySend. Trusted by Fortune 500 insurance companies, our no-code platform revolutionizes data collection processes. Effortlessly capture customer information, generate quotes, facilitate policy applications, streamline claims management, and simplify policy renewals to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Tal Daskal
Tal Daskal

Tal Daskal is the CEO and co-founder at EasySend. Tal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector.