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Top digital transformation buzzwords you should know

Top digital transformation buzzwords: you should know | EasySend blog
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Digital transformation is a phrase that has been thrown around so much that it is easy to forget what it really means. 

The digital world is constantly evolving, with new digital transformation terms and buzzwords being introduced all the time. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all of the fast pace digital advancements taking place in the world but knowing these top digital transformation buzzwords will help you stay on top of your game.

Digital transformation buzzwords and terminology

Digital transformation 

The term digital transformation typically refers to initiatives and projects that are used to transform an organization's processes and practices from traditional ways of operating into digital-first methods.

This refers to technology projects used to transform how work gets done, including the organizational culture, not just products and solutions themselves.

Digital transformation may include:

  • Automating manual tasks.
  • Using data analytics for decision-making.
  • Leveraging mobile devices in your workforce enablement strategy.
  • Improving operational effectiveness with digital solutions that lower costs and increase profits.
  • Embracing the digital-first company culture

Digital customer journey 

A digital transformation digital customer journey is a series of digital interactions that guide the user through various stages, from the first contact to the final interaction with your company.

The goal of digital transformations and digital customer journeys is to provide an effortless experience for customers by making it easy for them to do business with you via any channel they want while achieving rapid success in terms of achieving their goals.

Digital customer journeys are the digital journeys of a customer to complete some sort of action they wanted, such as signing up for an account, filing a claim, or applying for a loan. 

Optimized digital customer journeys are quickly becoming a leading competitive advantage across a wide range of industries, from insurance and financial services to real estate, automotive, and healthcare industries.

No-code platform 

A no-code platform is a software application development environment that does not require programmers to write code. Instead, any user with basic digital skills can use drag and drop tools or visual programming languages to create apps without coding experience.

No-code tools are used for digital transformation initiatives that involve digital customer journeys, no-code platform development, and digital automation tools.

The benefits of using no-code platforms are lower costs for deployment, ease of maintenance, faster time to market with new features/functionality, and increased innovation by providing digital companies flexibility in how they build their products.

No-code platforms empower organizations to quickly deploy new digital initiatives that empower agile digital transformation, making them the invaluable driver of digital transformation across many industries and sectors.

AI builder 

An AI builder is a machine-learning empowered digital tool that provides an end-to-end user experience for building and managing digital journeys that are optimized based on large data sets.

AI builders are digital tools used to build, optimize, test, and deploy digital experience applications with ease without the need for programming or data science skills.


eSignature (also called electronic signature) is a digital authentication technique that verifies the identity of an electronic document signature as valid. 

The usage of eSignatures across industries is quickly increasing with digital transformation initiatives. eSignatures are an integral part of end-to-end digital experiences. They are widely used as a digital experience enabler for processes like contracting, digital customer journeys, digital onboarding, and digital interactions.

Digital transformation buzzwords | EasySend

Analytics dashboard 

An analytics dashboard is a digital application that pulls data from various sources in an easy-to-read graphical format to answer questions, draw insights, and find patterns related to digital transformation initiatives.

Analytics dashboards are digital tools used for digital customer journeys and digital automation. Analytic dashboards monitor key business metrics while providing actionable intelligence on the performance of all digital channels such as web traffic, social media engagement, website conversions (such as leads or sales), and more.

Systems integration 

Systems integration is the digital process of integrating one or more systems.

Benefits of systems integrations include streamlining workflows and processes across the entire organization, resulting in increased revenue, cost reductions in production processes and operational costs, improved customer service experience (particularly for digital customers), and lower risk from digital threats.


Co-browsers are digital tools that allow two or more people to collaborate on a computer screen together. Co-browsing capabilities are typically used during digital customer journeys and onboarding experiences to create seamless delivery that closely resembles an in-person experience.

Digital transformation roadmap 

A digital transformation roadmap communicates strategic plans of an organization's long-term vision of its digital initiatives in order to stay relevant with competitors.

The digital transformation roadmap aims to provide insight into how organizations can change their business model from traditional ways of working into digital-first methods. Digital transformation roadmaps often include a communication strategy for executing these changes.

Virtual onboarding 

Virtual onboarding is a digital transformation initiative that enables digital customer journeys when the prospect or customer can't physically interact with your organization. Virtual onboarding aims to make digital interactions as quick and seamless as any other interaction between people in person. 

Virtual onboarding provides an automated process for digital customers to get acquainted with how your company works after landing on one of your company's digital assets.


Multiexperience is a digital experience that encompasses multiple digital customer journeys, digital interactions, and digital automation tools.

Multiexperience refers to a range of digital customer journeys, digital interactions, and digital automation tools that can be accessed through any device or interface at any time and from anywhere. 

Multiexperiences leverage best practices such as personalization, optimization of resources based on user behavior data (e.g., location), real-time updates, omnichannel access, and digital workflow automation.

Multiexperience strategy helps organizations create high-performing digital experiences aligned with organizational strategy because it enables real-time data collection, automated engagement, contextual interactions, and seamless cross-channel delivery.

Multiexperience is gaining traction as digital companies are seeking digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant in the digital economy.

Stay updated with the latest digital transformation trends

Staying updated with the latest digital transformation trends requires a clear understanding of the key digital transformation terminology.

We hope this glossary clarifies commonly used digital transformation buzzwords such as digital customer journeys and digital automation, analytic dashboards, systems integration, co-browsing, digital transformation roadmap, and virtual onboarding.

Did we miss anything? Get in touch to let us know! 

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