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Break into a career in tech: why becoming a digital experience specialist is an excellent springboard to get you started

Digital experience career in Tech | EasySend blog
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Shaked Dinar, implementation team lead at EasySend, talks about career opportunities for digital experience professionals.

The demand for digital expertise is rapidly increasing, with no sign of slowing down. According to LinkedIn, the number of technology-related jobs expected to be added globally in the next five years is 150 million. In short, UX skills are becoming more and more sought-after.

How does one break into this rapidly growing industry? Shaked Dinar, Head of Digital Experience at EasySend, gives us some insight into the career path and opportunities for digital experience professionals.

Digital Experience (DX) has become a hot career path, but what does it take to break into this field?

A digital experience specialist is a great first step for a career in this space. Why? Because it is a generalist role that gives you exposure to all aspects of digital customer experience. As a DX specialist, you are the bridge between the DX team and the customer; you work with teams across the company to create exceptional customer experiences.

The position doesn't require a lot of prior experience, which is excellent for people just starting in their career. It's also a great opportunity to learn new things and grow your skills. "The best part about this job is that you never stop learning," says Dinar.

What will I do as a Digital Experience specialist?

As a DX specialist at EasySend, you'd be responsible for managing and integrating digital journeys to ensure that they meet customer needs. That involves a lot of things: creating specification files, designing components and journeys, creating digital journeys using EasySend's platform, training customers how to use our product, providing internal training. You will need to wear many hats and have a lot of flexibility.

The primary responsibility is to create digital journeys utilizing EasySend's no-code platform and assist customers, ensuring that their experience with our product is the best it can be. You will need to guide customers to use EasySend's platform to build digital journeys effectively and according to UX best practices.

Shaked Dinar, head of the Digital Experience team at EasySend, believes that the key to success is to combine UX thinking, self-learning, and some basic technology skills.

"It's not just about being able to build digital journeys. You also need to understand your customers' needs and communicate effectively."

This is a great springboard for a career in the growing field of digital customer experience. As Shaked Dinar, Digital Experience team lead at EasySend, explains: 'Starting as a digital experience specialist opens up a lot of opportunities to grow both within the company as well as in the outside world. You can gain valuable user  experience skills as you develop digital journeys for our clients.'

What skills do I need?

The position requires a bit of technical ability and understanding, including basic HTML/CSS and JavaScript. But you don't need to be an experienced designer or developer to do this job; most DXers at EasySend are juniors looking for a foot in the door to high tech. It's not about what you already know; it's about the ability to learn quickly.

"We all come from different backgrounds. In fact, some of the best hires we made had no prior experience."

The most important quality we look for is an outgoing personality, followed by good communication skills. "The first thing I am looking for in my employees is the smile - we are facing the customers. DX implementation specialist is not someone who sits in front of the computer all day; it is someone who communicates with the customer all the time," says Shaked.

What are we looking for in new employees?

We look for people who are self-motivated and willing to learn. This is because the role requires a learning mindset; it's challenging yet very rewarding. You must be an excellent communicator because you will work with many different teams across the company, and finally, you must have a passion for customer experience.

"The person I am looking for has to be a nice person to be around. That is very important to me. I also look for someone who is proactive and can speak with the customers. A lot of people want to be an 'implementation specialist' or a 'DXer', but don't know how to talk to the customers."

"As a manager interviewing people for my team, the thing I want to see and find is their communication skills. The second thing I am looking at their reaction and facial expressions as I demonstrate our platform. Are they scared? Do they look like they are lost? That's not the type of person I am looking for. I want someone who is excited to learn and has a positive attitude."

What can I do after finishing my DX specialist stint?

Once you've gained some experience as a DX specialist at EasySend, multiple career paths are opening up for you, both within the company and in the outside world.

You will understand all aspects of our product which opens up several possibilities within EasySend. 

We believe in promoting from within, so multiple paths are open for you if you have the drive and the work ethic to back you up. It is not uncommon for someone who started as an intern or as a young graduate with no prior experience to move to bigger and better things within the company.

Product management path

One option is to move to the product team, like Tomer Schott, who joined EasySend's UX team back in 2018 and is now a product manager leading product development for EasySend's eSignature capabilities.

Project management path

Another option is a project manager like Esther Mandelblum who recently got promoted to this role after joining EasySend without previous experience in the field. Esther is responsible for onboarding new customers from outside of Israel, leading onboarding, pilot, and POC projects for some of the world's largest insurance and financial services enterprises in the world.

UX team lead path

 Or, like Shaked, you can become a UX team lead. Shaked didn't have managerial experience before her role as UX team lead at EasySend, but today she manages a 14 people DX team. She started her career at EasySend as a UX developer, and was promoted five months ago.

The sky is the limit

The skills learned at EasySend are not specific to our company which means that if you choose to do so, you'll be able to work anywhere in the world.

'The sky's the limit when it comes to your career as a DX specialist.'

Depending on your skills and interests, outside of EasySend, you can leverage your technical ability, UX knowledge, and experience managing customer relationships to pursue a career as a technical account manager, project manager, or digital experience specialist.

Why EasySend?

As expertise is in high demand and short supply, DX professionals have many options to choose from. So what sets EasySend apart?

"In my opinion, it's our culture," says Shaked. "You have people who are willing to help; you have a company that is growing and hiring new people, you have a team that works together and helps each other. Many of my coworkers have become my friends. It's just an amazing place to work."

"The second thing is our product, and I truly believe in its performance and potential," she adds.

What advice can you give to someone who wants to become a DX specialist?

"Learn how to learn by yourself. You'll have to be able to be proactive, figure things out by yourself, and be able to take on new challenges. DXing is all about learning and keeping up with the latest trends. You have to be passionate about technology and customer experience and always be willing to learn. If you don't know something, ask. Don't be afraid to ask your coworkers or managers for help."

DX is not for everyone. But if you are looking for a challenging and fast-paced environment where you can learn and are interested in breaking into a career in tech, a DX career path may be right for you.

If you're looking for an exciting and challenging career in tech, becoming a digital experience specialist is a great way to get started. The demand for digital skills will only increase, so this is a great time to jump into the field. With the right skills and attitude, you can enjoy a dynamic and rewarding career helping some of the world's top brands create amazing customer experiences.

For more information about job opportunities at EasySend, visit our careers page!

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