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The true meaning of paperworkless

The true meaning of paperworkless | EasySend blog
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In the business world, going paperless has become somewhat of a buzzword. To “go paperless” simply means to stop using physical paper documents and instead use digital versions. But organizations can take this one step further by eliminating paperwork altogether.

What is paperworkless?

The concept of paperworkless refers to eliminating paperwork throughout an organization's customer data collection process. In a paperworkless organization, customers can provide their data via an easy digital experience, with minimal friction, and via a channel of their choice. 

Why embrace a paperworkless process?

Everyone hates paperwork. We've all been there - filling out form after form, providing the same information over and over again. It's time-consuming, frustrating, and just plain old tedious.

The experience isn’t better for the employees that have to process the forms. They often need to manually enter the data into separate systems, which can lead to errors. Add to this problems such as intelligible handwriting, missing data, signatures, or attachments and you can see how paperwork can quickly become a nightmare. 

So what is the answer? Paperworkless customer data collection, of course!

[.emph]The true meaning of paperworkless is to replace clunky paperwork with streamlined data collection experiences. When a customer can provide their data via an easy digital experience, with minimal friction, and via a channel of their choice, is when an organization can truly be called a “paperworkless organization”[.emph]

Benefits of paperworkless customer data collection

There are many benefits of paperworkless customer data collection for customers and businesses.

For customers, the biggest benefit is convenience as they can avoid the hassle of filling out frustrating and confusing paperwork. A paperworkless customer data collection process offers several advantages over the traditional paperwork-based approach.

  • For starters, it is much more efficient and streamlined. Customers can provide their information quickly and easily.
  • Improved employee experience as it eliminates the need for employees to manually enter data into separate systems.
  • Another benefit of paperworkless customer data collection is that it is much more convenient for customers. This convenience can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
True meaning of paperworkless | EasySend blog

How to become paperworkless?

The first step is identifying which customer data collection processes are still paperwork-based and inefficient. Once you've identified these processes, you can begin to work on digitizing them.

This can be done in several ways, depending on the specific process and an organization's digital maturity. Anything from a simple eForm to a more complex digital workflow can be used to replace paperwork.

The important thing is to start small and then scale up as you gain more experience with digitizing customer data collection processes.

Replacing paperwork with digital data intake journeys

A digital data intake journey is a guided process that takes the customer through a series of steps, such as inputting their data, uploading documents, and signing.

Digital data intake journeys are digital data collection interfaces designed to replace paperwork in the most user-friendly way possible. They allow customers to provide their information quickly and easily via a channel of their choice.

What digital data intake journeys can be used for?

The applications for digital data intake journeys are endless. Here are just a few examples:

Digital data collection applications in insurance

  • Collecting customer data for a quote
  • Filing a claim
  • Applying for coverage
  • Updating policy information

Digital data collection applications in banking

  • Opening a new account
  • Applying for a loan or mortgage
  • Applying for a credit card
  • Updating account information
  • Making a deposit or withdrawal
  • KYC/AML paperwork

Digital data collection applications in healthcare

  • Registering as a new patient
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Filling out paperwork prior to a visit
  • Updating patient information
  • Checking in for a visit
  • COVID-19 vaccination appointments

Digital data collection applications in real estate

  • Renting an apartment
  • Applying for a mortgage
  • Buying a house
  • Signing a lease

Digital data collection applications in utilities

  • Starting service
  • Stopping service
  • Moving service to a new address
  • Updating account information

The possibilities are endless, but you get the idea. Digital data intake journeys can be used for any customer interaction where paperwork is currently involved.

What makes digital data intake journeys different?

A few key things make digital data intake journeys different from traditional paperwork.

[.emph]First, digital data intake journeys are built with customers in mind, which means that they are designed to be easy to use and minimize friction. [.emph]

They do so in multiple ways:

  • Digital data intake journeys are guided experiences - the customer is taken through a step-by-step process, which can help reduce errors and confusion. This way, customers can complete the journey quickly and easily without getting frustrated.
  • Digital data intake journeys allow customers to provide their data via a channel of their choice. This could be a website, a mobile app, via call center, or even a chatbot. For the customer, it means they have freedom to decide where they prefer to provide their data. They can also track the status of their applications, which can help reduce anxiety and confusion.
  • Digital data intake journeys often allow for data to be pre-filled, so that customers don't have to enter their information from scratch each time. Instead, they can simply review and update the information.
  • Digital data intake journeys provide a balance of self-service and support so that customers can get the help they need when they need it. The co-browsing functionality built into EasySend's digital data intake journeys allows agents to provide support and answer questions in real-time without interrupting the customer's journey.
  • Digital data intake journeys can be personalized. This means that customers can receive a custom experience that is tailored to their specific needs. 
  • Digital data intake journeys are flexible and dynamically adapt to customer interactions. For example, if a customer is filling out a form and indicates that they are not married, the digital data intake journey can adapt and not show them questions about a spouse. This helps to reduce frustration and ensure that each customer has a positive and personalized experience.
  • Finally, digital data intake journeys are fully digital in the true sense of the word: there is no paperwork or manual data entry involved at all within your workflow, making manual data entry a thing of the past.

What is EasySend

EasySend is leading the way in paperworkless customer experiences. 

EasySend is a customer data collection platform that enables businesses to create digital data intake journeys for their customers without code. The no-code approach ensures agility, flexibility, and quick time to value.

EasySend offers a wide range of features that businesses can use to create a custom digital data intake experience for their customers, including:

  • User-friendly data intake UIs optimized to reduce friction
  • A wide range of input types (text, number, date, signatures, etc.)
  • The ability to upload documents in multiple formats
  • Advanced data validation rules to ensure accuracy
  • Status tracking
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Multilingual support
  • A central repository for all customer data intake processes across your organization
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy controls
  • Integrations with leading business systems (CRM, ERP, Claims systems, Core banking and Insurance systems, etc.)
  • A wide range of reports and analytics

At EasySend, we're on a mission to make paperworkless customer data collection the new norm. If you're interested in learning more about how EasySend can help your business digitize its customer interactions, please contact us. We'd be happy to chat!

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