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Improving customer experience in commercial insurance with streamlined digital workflows

Improving Customer Experience in Commercial Insurance with Streamlined Digital Workflows | EasySend blog
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Let's face it, customer experience is essential in commercial insurance. To stay ahead of the competition, insurers must focus on streamlining workflows, enhancing personalization, and leveraging innovative technologies to deliver a seamless and efficient customer experience that meets changing expectations.

As customer expectations continue to evolve in the commercial insurance industry, insurers must adapt to provide a seamless and efficient customer experience.  Streamlining customer workflows is key to meeting growing customer demands and enhancing customer satisfaction.

While personal and commercial lines share some similarities in terms of customer experience, there are several key differences that insurers must consider when tailoring their approach to each segment. These differences can impact the customer journey, expectations, and service requirements.

  • Complexity of Insurance Products: Commercial lines typically involve more complex insurance products compared to personal lines. Businesses require coverage for a wide range of risks, such as property, liability, workers' compensation, and professional indemnity. As a result, the customer experience in commercial lines must focus on simplifying the process, providing clear explanations, and helping clients navigate through the various coverage options.
  • Level of Personalization: Commercial insurance customers often require a higher level of personalization due to the unique nature of their businesses and associated risks. Insurers must provide tailored solutions that address each client's specific needs, whereas personal lines generally have more standardized offerings. In commercial lines, the customer experience must emphasize customization and a deep understanding of the client's business.
  • Decision-Making Process: The decision-making process for commercial insurance is typically more complex than that of personal insurance. Businesses may involve multiple stakeholders and departments, such as finance, legal, and risk management, who need to be involved in the decision-making process. As a result, the customer experience in commercial lines should focus on facilitating communication and providing clear, concise information that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders.
  • Risk Management and Loss Prevention: In commercial insurance, there is often a stronger emphasis on risk management and loss prevention services. Insurers may provide businesses with access to specialized resources, tools, and consultations to help minimize potential losses. This aspect of the customer experience is less prominent in personal lines, where the focus is primarily on providing coverage for individual risks.
  • Relationship Management: Commercial insurance clients often require ongoing relationship management due to the long-term nature of their contracts and the potential for changes in their businesses or risk profiles. Insurers must actively engage with their clients, providing updates, support, and tailored advice throughout the policy lifecycle. In contrast, personal lines customers may have less frequent interactions with their insurers, as their needs and coverage typically remain more stable over time.

Online Quotes and Policy Issuance

Traditional methods of obtaining insurance quotes and issuing policies can be time-consuming and cumbersome. By digitizing these processes, insurers can offer instant quotes through their online platforms, allowing customers to compare coverage options and make informed decisions at their own pace. In addition, digital policy issuance eliminates paperwork and expedites the process, ensuring that customers receive their policy documents quickly and securely.

Example: Hiscox offers a fully digital platform for small businesses to obtain commercial insurance quotes and manage their policies online. This user-friendly, intuitive interface enables customers to easily access and manage their insurance coverage, creating a seamless and efficient experience.

Digital Claims Management and Processing

A key pain point for customers in commercial insurance is the claims process. Digitizing claims workflows can significantly streamline this experience, enabling faster and more accurate claims handling. By incorporating digital solutions like AI-powered chatbots and automated processing, insurers can reduce human errors and settle claims more efficiently.

Example: Chubb's eClaims platform allows commercial insurance clients to submit and manage their claims online. The platform streamlines the claims process, providing users with the ability to report claims, upload documents, and track claim status.

Policy Administration and Servicing

Digital solutions for policy administration and servicing can greatly enhance the customer experience by providing self-service capabilities. Customers can access their policy information, make changes, submit endorsements, and view billing details at their convenience. This empowers customers to take control of their insurance coverage and reduces the need for time-consuming phone calls and paperwork.

Example: Allianz's online customer portal allows policyholders to manage their commercial insurance policies with ease. Customers can view policy details, make changes, and access billing information, providing a seamless and efficient customer experience.

Risk Assessment and Loss Prevention

Digitizing risk assessment and loss prevention processes can help insurers provide more accurate and personalized services to their customers. By leveraging advanced data analytics and predictive modeling, insurers can offer tailored risk assessments and loss prevention advice, helping customers make informed decisions and minimize potential losses.

Example: AIG IntelliRisk® focuses on the visualization of key metrics and trends with advanced data exploration through interactive dashboards, customizable searches and reporting - helping you both understand and more effectively manage risk.

Customer Communication and Support

Digitizing customer communication and support channels can enhance customer experience by providing more efficient and accessible services. Implementing digital solutions such as chatbots, email automation, and online help centers allows customers to get the help they need when they need it, improving overall satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Example: Zurich Insurance is experimenting with a digital customer support platform that includes AI-powered chatbots and an extensive online help center. By providing quick and efficient assistance through these channels, Zurich wants to ensure a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.

The bottom line

By digitizing customer-facing workflows and processes in commercial insurance, companies can significantly enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and improve overall satisfaction. Implementing digital solutions for tasks like policy issuance, claims management, policy administration, risk assessment, and customer support can lead to a more efficient and customer-centric approach in the industry. With the help of technology like EasySend's no-code platform, you can quickly and easily build digital processes and solutions to deliver a better customer experience. 

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Vera Smirnoff
Vera Smirnoff

Vera Smirnoff is the demand generation manager at EasySend. She covers digital transformation in insurance and banking and the latest trends in InsurTech and digital customer experience.