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Simplifying commercial lines submissions: a case study

Simplifying commercial lines multi-state submissions: a case study | EasySend blog
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For agencies operating across multiple lines of business, commercial submissions can be a real challenge to stay on top of ever-changing compliance requirements. Here is how BTIS solved this challenge with digital data intake.

Commercial lines submissions can be difficult and time-consuming. Each line of business has its own rules and procedures that stipulate how to submit each form correctly and what data is required. For agencies operating across multiple lines of business, it can be a real challenge to stay on top of ever-changing internal and carrier requirements.

In order to succeed in the modern insurance landscape, it is essential for agencies operating across multiple lines of business to find ways to streamline data collection and submission processes.

For BTIS, their commercial bond submission process was particularly painful. This large independent insurance agency working with multiple carriers have struggled to find an efficient way to collect all the necessary data points in a streamlined and efficient way.

For some lines of business, agents had to struggle with legacy rating systems and temporary solutions. Agents would log onto the BTIS website for every request and complete a Google Form. A BTIS rep would then take that data manually and send it to various insurance carriers. Then, the rep would email each agent the relevant offers. This presented challenges on multiple fronts.

  1. Since the process was extremely labor-intensive and prone to errors, it led to a significant backlog.
  2. Agents needed electronic confirmation of their bond submission to track the status in real-time. 
  3. The agency needed to stay compliant with each carrier and line of business unique requirements while ensuring data accuracy across the board.

Moreover, with manual processes taking up most of the time spent at the agency, employees often felt overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and errors they had to deal with. It was clear that a more efficient solution was needed.

The digital transformation challenge

It was challenging for BTIS to transform this process on their own because of the complexity and size of the task. 

Not only did they have to stay compliant with each policy's unique requirements, but they also had to ensure data accuracy across all forms and submissions. Additionally, they had to consider efficient and secure ways to get the data from local agents' offices to carriers. To solve this on their own would demand significant resources that simply weren't available.

EasySend was the answer they were looking for.

EasySend's no-code platform allowed BTIS team to quickly and easily transform their multi-bond submission process. 

  • The conditional logic of the process ensures that a single data intake journey could be used to collect relevant data depending on the internal and carrier requirments. 
  • The data is then automatically sent to the relevant carriers, ensuring accuracy and compliance while reducing time spent on manual processes.
  • BTIS was able to reduce manual efforts and back-and-forth communications significantly. 
  • Now agents can submit bonds electronically with one click of a button, get real-time status confirmation from carriers, and stay compliant with changing regulations.
  • Agents have full visibility into each submission, eliminating the need for manual follow up and providing instant confirmation when a bond was approved by an insurance carrier. 

The solution was highly successful. BTIS now enjoys greater efficiency and accuracy in its commercial bond submission process. Agents enjoy real-time tracking and electronic confirmation of their submissions, helping them to provide better service to customers. BTIS's multi-line submission process is now more streamlined and efficient than ever before thanks to EasySend. 

Amplifying digital transformation with no-code

The results have been transformative. Submission times have been cut from days to minutes, and the number of forms completed each month has increased significantly. After implementing EasySend to automate their commercial bond submission process, BTIS saw dramatic improvements in their operations. In fact, they achieved the best commercial bond binding month to date, with a significant increase in forms completed month over month.

After transforming bond submission and becoming certified on EasySend no-code platform, BTIS is now able to build and deploy digital data intake journeys for other lines of business, including Workers’ Compensation and Commercial Lines, and increase the value of their agency. Now agents collect accurate customer data faster and receive insurance quotes from carriers at lightning speed.

Going live in weeks

It's easier for agents to fill out more forms every month with the help of personalization, form logic, validation, and autocomplete.

Improving completion rates

BTIS agents experience faster turnaround times and unbeatable service by accessing supportive tools like Co-Browsing and status tracking.

Boosting customer experience

BTIS agents experience faster turnaround times and unbeatable service by accessing supportive tools like Co-Browsing and status tracking.

By automating their commercial lines multi-line submissions with EasySend, BTIS was able to turn their legacy process into a modern digital journey. With no-code platforms, specialized resources are no longer necessary and it is easy to build new processes as business needs arise. As a result, BTIS has been able to save time and money, improve customer experience and compliance, and realize their full digital transformation potential.

Insurance agencies of all sizes can benefit from the same kind of data intake transformation that BTIS experienced. For a full case study, click here

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