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How Real Garant shortened its sales onboarding process

How real garant shortened its sales onboarding process | EasySend blog
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“Ever since we started working with EasySend, we have noticed an improvement in our sales onboarding process. EasySend is reliable, transparent, and completely digital which is exactly what we need in the current times.”

Florian Rohkamm, Chief Distribution Officer at Real Garant

“EasySend is very intuitive and easy to use for us as well as for our customers, making the onboarding process an overall pleasant experience. Thanks to EasySend, we can reduce the contract closing time tremendously. A positive step forward in a digitalized world.”

Tobias Sirsch Manager Contract Management at Real Garant

The challenge: Allow the sales department to move faster with completing onboarding agreements 

Real Garant by Zurich builds on more than 30 years of experience and today, is one of the leading specialists in customer loyalty in the automotive sector. Real Garant is present in 33 markets and has been a long-standing partner of well-known car manufacturers, importers, and car dealers of all brands.

Over the last few years, Real Garant has been expanding steadily. To face the growing demand, Real Garant took the initiative and streamlined their sales onboarding process with EasySend. Future and current partners all over Europe can profit from the agile, digital, and completely transparent onboarding process.

The solution: Accelerate the sales cycle and streamline the process

Closing customer contracts quicker

Compared to the traditional manual process, working with EasySend allows Real Garant a more direct approach for finalizing a contract with a new B2B Partner. Now the overall time needed to close a contract is reduced to max. 1-2 working weeks.

A complex process made simple

Moving the process to digital allowed Real Garant to re-think, better structure, and streamline the process itself, which previously included a collection of PDF documents. With the advice and support of EasySend, Real Garant was able to transform their manual process into a streamlined, compact digital matrix structure. Also, any new changes and modifications are now done instantaneously, leveraging the no-code concept of EasySend platform. 

A better customer experience

The process of digitization allowed Real Garant to create a better, faster, and more transparent experience for their business partners and customers. Being able to easily find and share every agreement and its appendices in your inbox without the need to search the archives was a game-changer for the customer experience.

The results: launch new partner onboarding in weeks

Real Garant’s new digital B2B onboarding process has reduced the time needed to just a few weeks, making the onboarding results quicker, agile and more responsive. In times where the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping everyone at their home office, using a digital solution has become a necessity for the business.

Seamless implementation

“EasySend was part of a first-time experience working with technology outside of the Real Garant’s IT department. The EasySend team understood very fast what the current process was and what needed to be done. We had regular meetings, timelines, and a product setup plan. In some cases, the implementation was done in a matter of days.”

Using a no-code platform for agile digital transformation

With the EasySend no-code platform, Real Garant was able to turn a more complex process into a simple and fast digital journey, impacting the bottom line. With intuitive functionality and the ability to turn manual into digital in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional or low-code platforms, Real Garant reaped the benefits of superior business productivity and real competitive advantage.

Business scalability

With the onboarding process receiving satisfying feedback from sales key accounts, and sales management as well as business partners, Real Garant is currently moving to localize and deploy the process in all of its affiliates in Europe. EasySend’s digital journeys gave Real Garant a new, more profitable and scalable way to interact with smaller car dealerships in Germany and across the EEC.

Sales efficiency improvement

The structured approach of the new onboarding process benefited the sales team. The much shorter process allows managers to expect faster revenues. The induction period of new joiners was also impacted positively. Hence, with EasySend, a significant reduction in training time could be achieved. 

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Vera Smirnoff
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