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EasySend and Swisscom Trust Services partner to enable qualified electronic signatures for insurers and the financial sector

EasySend and Swisscom Trust Services partner to enable qualified electronic signatures for insurers and the financial sector
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Israeli start-up and Swiss trust service provider join forces to offer the European market a frictionless digital contract experience.

[Tel Aviv / Berlin - November,  2020] - EasySend, a no-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys, announced today that they entered into a strategic partnership with Swisscom Trust Services, the only European provider of a Qualified Electronic Signature for both the European regulation (eIDAS) and Switzerland’s legislation (ZertES). EasySend’s platform digitizes contracts, while Swisscom ensures the legality of these contracts by offering a qualified esignature - and together, these companies are simplifying digital contract agreements and enabling a seamless digital user experience, even in highly regulated industries. 

The financial service and insurance market are characterized by high regulatory barriers, making it difficult for players in these industries to comprehensively digitize and thus simplify their relationship with customers. In fact, in the private banking sector, for example, a written contract is still required if customers want to open a new account. The same is true for life and credit default insurance as well as claims reports - paper forms are still often required. Aside from the slew of inconveniences that come with dealing with manual processes, it’s also common for customers to make mistakes when filling out forms, and mistakes are usually only discovered after dispatch by service agents - complicating the already lengthy process.

With EasySend’s solution, companies can transform manual processes into digital journeys. The no-code platform does not require any programming knowledge, and by integrating directly into companies’ CRMs and BPMs, it acts as a layer between the customers and companies' systems. EasySend’s collaborative approach makes completing a contract easy and user-friendly: caseworkers can fill in documents together with their customers in real-time and simultaneously correct the documents if and when necessary – significantly minimizing human error that often leads to the incorrect completion of documents. EasySend’s visualization of processes also shows exactly where customers face issues, delay processes, and drop out of forms, leading to improved form completion rates.

By joining forces, EasySend and Swisscom Trust Services are making it possible to directly sign a document that a customer has completed electronically, drastically reducing the time it takes to complete a contract. What used to take days or even weeks can now be completed in less than an hour’s time. Thanks to the comprehensive integration of these two customer experience digital transformation platforms, end users can enjoy optimal customer service. 

EasySend works with over 90% of Israeli insurers and also has customers with German insurance companies, namely R+V Versicherung and Nürnberger Versicherung. The German and European markets, however, abide by different regulations than Israel. The eIDAS (EU) and ZertES (Switzerland) regulations have declared that the qualified electronic signature is the only digital alternative to handwritten signatures, and as such, they’re equivalent in almost all instances. For users, the electronic signature remains the fastest, most comfortable variant of the declaration of intent, despite this bureaucratic difference. This unequivocal declaration of intent is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract: ​​customers can submit it, for example, by submitting a mobile TAN.

About EasySend

EasySend is leading the charge for a digital future by empowering insurance carriers, banks, and financial services to transform manual, paper-based processes into powerful digital experiences on any device. EasySend empowers enterprises to deliver new digital products faster and improve the customer experience at a fraction of the cost with their innovative no-code platform. By harnessing AI and machine learning, EasySend enables real-time insights into customer interactions, allowing processes to be optimized quickly and easily. The company was founded in 2016 and has offices in the U.S., Germany, and headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

About Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is the only European provider that provides a qualified electronic signature in the EU jurisdiction (eIDAS Signature Regulation) and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). As a leading provider of trust services in Europe, Swisscom Trust Services enables its partners, pan-European digital innovations, by providing identity-based services that can run completely digitally without media usage. The signature service allows partners an uncomplicated extension of their own business solutions to an electronic signature, taking into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. This gives end customers a variety of options that have had to be done on paper so far, such as signing contracts, buying insurance, signing an employment contract, a loan.

EasySend Press Contact:

Justine Rosin

US:+1 917 724 2176

Swisscom Trust Services Press Contact

Stephanie Yilmaz

Hotwire PR


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About EasySend

Evolve complex forms into easy digital experiences with EasySend, trusted by Fortune 500 financial organizations. Our powerful no-code platform revolutionizes complex forms, seamlessly converting data collection processes for loan applications, account openings, and chargebacks into effortless digital experiences.

About EasySend

Transform the entire policy lifecycle, from quote to renewal, with EasySend. Trusted by Fortune 500 insurance companies, our no-code platform revolutionizes data collection processes. Effortlessly capture customer information, generate quotes, facilitate policy applications, streamline claims management, and simplify policy renewals to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Dore Dadon
Dore Dadon

Dore Dadon is the Marketing and PR Manager at EasySend. She is the primary contact for all external communications and works hard to increase EasySend's brand awareness while also covering all the latest InsurTech and digital customer experience trends.