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Supporting remote customer service: How insurers are accelerating digital transformation

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According to a study conducted by Eptica Insurance, delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of winning and retaining customers. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't have a good track record of providing excellent customer support, especially digitally, considering the same study found that insurance companies could only answer 46% of all questions submitted via the web, social media, and email. This goes to show that remote customer support among insurers has been subpar at best even before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is it possible for insurers to support remote customer service during COVID-19? 

It's never too late to start going digital. But, insurance companies might have waited a little too long, and now the odds are stacked against them. Given the constraints of time and high demand for remote customer support, it might not be the best time for insurers to roll out digital platforms, especially those that had not started doing so before the start of the pandemic because of the high chance of the system failing. 

A practical, effective, and efficient digital customer support platform requires time and resources to create, test, and successfully introduce to customers. While insurers might have the resources, many other challenges might make this goal difficult to achieve. Some challenges insurers have to consider when rolling out a remote customer support system include:

The current pandemic 

Any company that did not have a digital customer support solution in the pipeline already is going to find it difficult to build one from scratch now. 

The demand for remote customer support is at an all-time. Any system rolled out will be immediately overwhelmed, and without adequate testing, you will never know if the system will hold or collapse under the pressure.

Limited customer service 

Social distancing protocols mean most companies are doing with half of their usual workforce. With the customer base on the edge and a reduced workforce, customer support is stretched thin, which further compromises customer experience. 

Insurers need to invest in alternative solutions like chatbots and other AI-inspired solutions that can quickly help customers find solutions to some common questions at any time of the day or night.  

Also, adding a self-service tab on your website can help customers keep up to date with their policies, follow up on claims or perform accounts checks without necessarily having to reach out to your customer support team.

These avenues allow your short-handed customer support team only to handle issues that automated systems might not handle conclusively.

Customers can not present themselves physically at the offices

Under normal circumstances, digital customer support systems enjoy the relief that physical visits offer. While most customers prefer the convenience of having quick and easy access to their policy provider from the comfort of their homes, some still love to go in and have face to face talks. This saves the digital platforms from extreme pressure.

In the current environment, insurers are being forced to go from having no digital customer support solution to migrating everything online on a whim. 

It's a tough job that should be completed in a short time to avoid inconveniences and unimaginable losses to both the company and the clients, which means it's harder for insurances to find the right solutions that will sustain the sudden influx of customer requests in such a short time. 

Most IT departments are already overwhelmed

Companies are having to adapt work from home models that require software and application to run smoothly, and IT departments in most industries are feeling the pressure. The new requirements need the attention of the IT department, without forgetting that the same team still has to worry about the core functions of the company.

Asking the team to take on a new challenge might mean hiring more experts or sacrificing some other mandates to focus on an eDelivery or remote servicing system. The practical solution is to keep everything as is. But that means losing clients and revenue.

What can insurers do to provide their clients with the best remote customer service during COVID-19?

The situation looks bleak. But with a little ingenuity and thinking outside the box, it's still possible for insurers to find competent, easy to use and effective remote customer service solutions to keep them in touch with the clients. 

The no-code development platform by EasySend is a practical solution for insurance companies casing rapid digital transformation without compromising the security and safety of their data and customer information.  

It is not only a quick way to turn paperwork into a digital experience but also a firm ground on which you can build a digital platform and applications despite the challenges that insurance companies are currently facing.

There are numerous benefits to using no-code. These include: 

No-coding knowledge required

No-code means precisely that. No coding knowledge required. This enterprise-grade resource allows you to build applications that drive revenue growth and deliver excellent customer support experience by dragging and dropping for a barrage of insurance processes like claims, updates, and other core procedures.

Lightning-fast digital solutions

You don't have much time on your hands. You are hard-pressed to provide your customers with a safe and secure platform that is interactive and engaging. No-code has all the tools you need. 

You can build any customer-facing process using a platform that is designed with the unique needs of the insurance industry in mind. 

You can quickly make changes as your business demands or as per customer preferences saving you time and money.

Provide your customers with an outstanding customer service experience 

Regardless of the time and resource constraints, your customers expect a personalized experience as they do with other companies like online shopping retailers. With assistance from EasySend, you can replicate the same world-class customer service that other brands have developed over the years in just a few minutes. 

Your customers can enjoy self-directed interactions, among other features that will lift the burden of customer service and allow you to deliver the customer service experience you have always dreamed of. 

Boost revenue growth 

No-code will not only help you remain in touch with your clientele but also boost your revenue. Research shows that most policyholders will most likely switch companies if they don't like handling a claim.  

Using no-code, you can reduce manual labor, cut cycle times, and dramatically improve customer experience during this critical time, increasing customer retention, and get new customers as well. 


Over the years, insurance companies have dragged their feet on digitization. Remote customer service during COVID-19 is now a must! Most companies are ill-prepared for a full digital migration, which could adversely impact revenue and customer experience.

With solutions like EasySend's no-code platform, this doesn't have to be the case. Rapid digital transformation is on the horizon. Your company can continue offering your clients a personal, interactive, and engaging customer experience from the comfort of their home using simple, quick, and effective digital solutions.

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Dore Dadon
Dore Dadon

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