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Introducing EasySend for Salesforce: premium eForms for enterprises

EasySend for Salesforce | EasySend blog
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A new partnership between EasySend and Salesforce empowers financial enterprises to build amazing digital journeys integrated with Salesforce CRM and create outstanding customer experiences.

EasySend’s partnership with Salesforce

EasySend’s no-code platform provides an end-to-end solution for creating, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing digital customer journeys. We have just released a native Salesforce App to empower enterprises to build custom, enterprise-grade eForms quickly and efficiently with build-in integration to Salesforce objects. Our new partnership with Salesforce will empower you to:

Create business value. Fast.

Turn tedious paperwork into amazing user experiences, win more customers and drive revenue growth. Launch digital journeys with two-way integration with Salesforce quickly and at scale with a no-code builder and improve your efficiency and boost ROI as a result.

Complex business logic and validations

EasySend is much more than an eForm. Our premium platform lets you create any complex, customer-facing process. Our Drag-and-Drop form builder supports any insurance and banking use case with ready-to-use, pre-built components for customer on-boarding, lending, claims, and policy renewals.

Self-service or full service: Let your customers choose

EasySend supports both self-service digital journeys as well as journeys that require involvement by brokers, agents, or customer service representatives. Our co-browsing feature ensures the best possible service level for customers who need extra help filling in complicated forms and processes. 

Your customer service representatives, agents, and brokers can now send all customer data into your CRM and deal with customer requests in real-time, eliminating manual data entry and processing without additional integrations.

Boost conversion rates with data

Gain full visibility into complex digital workflows, pinpoint problems leading to churn, optimize processes, and drive revenue growth with responsive digital eForms that look great on any device. 

Boost conversions with complete end-to-end visibility, AB testing, and advanced optimization capabilities of EasySend’s platform.

Enterprise-grade features linked with Salesforce

EasySends’ premium platform supports out-of-the-box integration with enterprise tech stack, permissions, cyber & data protection, and the highest compliance standards.

EasySend forms come equipped with eSignatures, Analytics, Complex Workflows, and Change Management.

Create Salesforce-native eForms with a no-code builder

Create Salesforce native smart eForms with attachments, eSignature, and complex logic quickly and efficiently. Easily build unique digital customer journeys with two-way Salesforce integration. Access the form builder directly from your Salesforce admin account.

Map to any custom or standard Salesforce object 

EasySend’s Salesforce connector links with any standard or custom Salesforce object. No need to set up required fields, data types, and object relationships separately. 

For example, with EasySend, you can now easily create and update any object:

  • Create and link objects on different levels. For example, easily link a Lead object with a Campaign object
  • Create a Contact and link an Attachment to a user record. Visual, Drag&Drop interface.

Populate eForms with data you already have about the customer

Populate your form with Salesforce data and reduce data errors and friction in your forms. Our Lookup-Prefill feature significantly improves customer’s experience with your forms.

Get an average 65% uplift in completion rates and create new revenue growth opportunities with smart eForms connected with your Salesforce!

That’s it! Click here to visit our AppExchange listing and get started with seamless integration.

EasySend for Salesforce

Build smart eForms with native Salesforce integration in hours, not months. Gain full visibility into digital workflows, pinpoint problems leading to churn, optimize processes, and drive revenue growth.

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About EasySend

Evolve complex forms into easy digital experiences with EasySend, trusted by Fortune 500 financial organizations. Our powerful no-code platform revolutionizes complex forms, seamlessly converting data collection processes for loan applications, account openings, and chargebacks into effortless digital experiences.

About EasySend

Transform the entire policy lifecycle, from quote to renewal, with EasySend. Trusted by Fortune 500 insurance companies, our no-code platform revolutionizes data collection processes. Effortlessly capture customer information, generate quotes, facilitate policy applications, streamline claims management, and simplify policy renewals to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Tal Daskal
Tal Daskal

Tal Daskal is the CEO and co-founder at EasySend. Tal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift towards no-code application development in the financial sector.