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EasySend partners with Surecomp and joins the fintech marketplace

EasySend for Surecomp | EasySend blog
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A new partnership between EasySend and Surecomp enables digitization initiatives to accelerate digital transformation for financial services.

EasySend’s partnership with Surecomp

Surecomp, a global trade finance solution provider for banks and corporates, recently announced EasySend as a new fintech partner to its Marketplace platform. Surecomp customers can now access EasySend, a no-code platform for insurance and financial services. 

EasySend and Surecomp partnership announement | EasySend blog

EasySend for Surecomp

With EasySend’s no-code platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys, Surecomp customers can accelerate their digital customer journeys and exploit the benefits of prior-to unused operation efficiencies. 

As an innovative, digital, development platform within the marketplace, EasySend contributes a hand to Surecomp’s digitization initiatives to help accelerate the use of open banking and allow access to that market. EasySend is a crucial part in helping these banks widen their digital offering by providing artificial intelligence-led workflow automation. As the Coronavirus and period of social distancing continues to prevail, banks and corporates, including insurance companies, need to be able to digitize their operations quickly and cost-effectively, and EasySend is pleased to add value to the ecosystem.

EasySend CEO and Co-Founder, Tal Daskal, said in a statement, “There are significant opportunities for financial institutions to drive greater efficiency and productivity by increasing digitization of the front-end customer data collection process. With Surecomp’s Marketplace for encouraging banks to embrace digitization, EasySend’s no-code platform has the opportunity to reach a wider audience.”

We’re pleased about our partnership with Surecomp and look forward to collaborating and continuing this digital transformation in financial services.

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About EasySend

Evolve complex forms into easy digital experiences with EasySend, trusted by Fortune 500 financial organizations. Our powerful no-code platform revolutionizes complex forms, seamlessly converting data collection processes for loan applications, account openings, and chargebacks into effortless digital experiences.

About EasySend

Transform the entire policy lifecycle, from quote to renewal, with EasySend. Trusted by Fortune 500 insurance companies, our no-code platform revolutionizes data collection processes. Effortlessly capture customer information, generate quotes, facilitate policy applications, streamline claims management, and simplify policy renewals to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Dore Dadon
Dore Dadon

Dore Dadon is the Marketing and PR Manager at EasySend. She is the primary contact for all external communications and works hard to increase EasySend's brand awareness while also covering all the latest InsurTech and digital customer experience trends.