Virtual Assistant

Collaborate with customers on any process in real-time and improve the quality of service.

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Virtual Assistant for any digital customer journey

How does it work?

Collaborate in real-time with customers as they fill the journey.

Virtual Assistant features

EasySend empowers teamwork

Real-time collaboration

Be on the same page as your customers and quickly bring any processes to a close.

EasySend digital journeys for insurance and banking are fully responsive on any device

Available on any device

Guide your customers through the journey whether they are connected through mobile, tablet, or desktop.

No download required

No download required

Your customers receive a link to the real-time virtual assistant session. They don’t need to access other apps or services.

Deploy on any channel

Deploy on any channel

Initiate from any channel of communication: website, call center, app, chatbot, agent/broker portal.

Why do you need a virtual assistant?

Be there for your customers when they have questions or concerns.

Power up your remote servicing

Assist your customers remotely. Empower your customer service and call center employees.

Improve completion rates

Be there to answer your customers’ questions and address concerns to ensure that they complete their journey

Improve customer experience

Provide personal attention to your customers when it matters most.

Improve customer experience in any digital journey

Policy Renewal

Policy renewal

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding

P & C Claims

P&C claims

Banking onboarding


Digital mortgage

Transform data and eSignature collection into digital journeys with the native Salesforce integration. No coding required.

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