EasySend for Salesforce

Collect data, attachments, and signatures, and empower your
service and sales teams with digital journeys natively
integrated with your Salesforce.

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How does it work?

EasySend empowers enterprise organizations to gather data and collect eSignatures from customers while ensuring
that customer data is readily available to your service and sales teams within your Salesforce CRM

Why EasySend for Salesforce?

Wow your customers

Collect data, eSignatures, and attachments from your customers through user-friendly digital journeys. All the data is immediately available in your Salesforce CRM.

Empower your sales team

A powerful closing tool for agents and sales teams that boosts conversions for any paperwork-based process.

Empower your IT team

Boost time to value with responsive digital journeys that can be deployed in days. Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce.

The advantages of a native Salesforce integration

Your CRM is the single source of truth for your entire organization. Seamlessly link all customer-facing processes with your
Salesforce instance. Ensure data integrity and free data flow between customers, service, and sales teams.

Create amazing digital journeys

Create Salesforce-native digital journeys with a no-code platform

Build digital journeys with native Salesforce integration in hours, not months. Access the digital journey builder directly from your Salesforce admin account. Create Salesforce native digital journeys with attachments, signatures, and complex logic quickly and efficiently.

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Native integration with Salesforce

Map customer inputs to any custom or standard Salesforce object

EasySend’s Salesforce connector links with any standard or custom Salesforce object. No need to set up required fields, data types, and object relationships separately.

  • Create and link objects on different levels. (e.g Lead object with Campaign object)
  • Create a Contact
  • Link an Attachment to a user record

Offer seamless experience

Populate forms with data you already have about the customer

Populate your forms with Salesforce data and reduce data errors and friction in your forms. Our Lookup-Prefill feature significantly improves the customer’s experience and boosts conversions for your paperwork-based processes that involve customer data collection.

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EasySend eliminates friction and creates opportunities

EasySend is a no-code platform for transforming paperwork-based processes into optimized digital customer journeys quickly, efficiently, and without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects.

Want to see how it works?

Easysend in 90 Seconds

Transform data and eSignature collection into digital journeys with the native Salesforce integration. No coding required.

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