How Worldline launched a new product and deployed a digital onboarding process for merchants in just 10 days

EasySend Blog - Worldline Case Study

In just 10 days, Worldline’s first complex contract was digitized. Our sales team and contract experts were involved in the process the entire time, and EasySend made sure to give feedback each step of the way, which led to a high value of the delivered experience.” – Urs Gubser, Head of Merchant Experience at Worldline

“Digitizing existing paper-based processes as one of your core-competencies is absolutely critical. It’s important to understand to not try to build the solution yourself (as an enterprise) because it’s costly and requires lots of manpower; rather instead, look for a partner that can help accelerate your digital transformation efforts.” Gert-Jan Adries, Head Of Retail Transformation at Worldline

Worldline success snapshot

The challenge: Allow the sales department to interact with customers remotely and facilitate the contract stage

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, and #4 on a global scale. As a result of remote working conditions due to the Coronavirus, Worldline’s sales team wasn’t able to physically interact with customers. The merchant onboarding process and the merchant supply order process, which previously required a manual, face-to-face meeting with a sales representative, needed to adapt to the new normal. Worldline needed a digital platform that would allow its sales team to resume interactions with potential merchants in a quick and remote way.

The solution: Accelerate the sales cycle by digitizing contracts in midst of COVID-19

Agile time to market

Coronavirus opened way for a WFH routine, leaving us with no other option but to communicate with customers remotely. We needed a digital solution for customer interaction and contract execution immediately. The actual implementation time with EasySend was significantly fast – in a matter of 10 days, the first complex contract was fully digitized.”

Complex process made simple with digital journeys

Worldline had a complex process that needed quick digitization. The merchant onboarding process involved 21 PDF documents, ranging from agreements to data sheets and terms and conditions. EasySend’s platform was able to turn this complex process digital, and improved the process itself by adding more automations and faster turnaround times.

Remote virtual assistance 

EasySend’s ‘Remote Assistance’ feature enabled Worldline to assist customers in real-time on any device. Using co-browsing, the agent and client were able to communicate on the same workflow in real-time.

The results:

Digital process deployment in 10 days

Worldline had its first digital onboarding process for merchants implemented in just 10 days, meeting its strict time to market requirements.

Seamless implementation

“The implementation process with EasySend was very agile and enjoyable throughout. We had multiple short feedback meetings and demos were organized during the implementation phase. We had immediate access to the right experts at EasySend, instead of talking through a single individual.” 

Robust integration with internal systems

Digital journeys were integrated with Worldline’s internal systems and databases to allow for automation of processes.

Key benefits:

Optimized customer experience

Reliable, real-time and remote digital customer journeys allowed for the ultimate customer experience in the midst of COVID-19.

Using a no-code platform for agile digital transformation

With the EasySend no-code platform, Worldline deployed digital customer journeys quickly and easily, impacting the bottom line. The platform’s intuitive functionality and the ability to turn manual into digital in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional or low-code platforms enabledWorldline to reap the benefits of superior business productivity.

Flexibility and adaptability to any use-case

“We were looking for a solution that allowed us to start quickly and keep as much of our existing processes intact with the aim to later digitize piece by piece, as we see fit. EasySend is a digital solution that can be applied towards any use case, and that’s something we find very promising in the long-run.”