How NÜRNBERGER Insurance helped its customers mitigate the impact of COVID-19 by deploying a new digital journey in 6 weeks

Nurenberger case study

Our project with EasySend was an absolute success. We were able to move swiftly to assist our customers in financial distress and help them overcome COVID19 related challenges. The speed of implementation was incredible, it only took us six weeks from the first call with EasySend to the deployment of the digital workflow.“

Heinrich Fritzlar, Head Group Application Development, NÜRNBERGER Versicherung

Nurenberger case study - results

The challenge: Prepare for an expected tsunami of COVID-19 related policy cancellations

Nurnberger Insurance is a leading supplier of the full insurance coverage in the German market across a wide range of product lines: life, health, automotive, Property & Casualty, and various other related services.

As a consequence of the Coronavirus related financial crisis, Nurnberger was expecting several waves of customer consultations and policy cancellations with little time to prepare.  Nurnberger wanted to assist its customers by providing them with a smart way to overcome that situation, across its various customer channels. 

The solution: Agile launch of a user-friendly digital workflow to assist customers who are considering to cancel their policy due to COVID-19, while offering alternative solutions to alleviate financial distress

From A to Z in 6 weeks

  • Facing immediate challenge head-on:  “We needed something that is very easy to handle and can be implemented very swiftly. We had no time for a long project of six, seven months, and having that process ready next year. The problem was immediate.”
  • Agile time to market : “Coronavirus did not leave us enough time to wait for a year to develop a digital solution in a classic way. We had to be agile. The complete implementation time with EasySend was incredibly fast – six weeks from initial discussions to deployment. This was the big challenge, and speed and agility of EasySend helped us to answer the needs of our customers quickly.”

  • Digital journey with multiple courses of action: “Launching a digital journey for consulting customers who are considering to cancel their policies and providing them with alternative solutions for overcoming the financial challenges without canceling the policy, such as pausing the payments or scaling down the coverage.”
  • Remote Assistant : “EasySend’s Remote Assistant feature simplifies communication with customers and streamlines internal processes. Empowering two parties to browse the same workflow in real-time really simplifies communication as both can see changes at the same time as they are being applied. This feature is something that eases a lot of processes and makes everything more simple – from sales processes to internal workflows.”

The results: A to Z digital journey including integrations with 5 legacy systems in 6 weeks

Flexible solution for both internal and customer-facing workflows

“You can imagine that since we are a big corporation, we have a lot of workflows. Some are very clumsy and paper-heavy. And we were looking for more use cases to transform with EasySend that answer the question: “Where can digitization help our employees and our customers?”

EasySend remote assistant is an effective tool to simplify complex processes

“I would absolutely recommend EasySend. First of all, it’s a great solution. There are a lot of ways of implementing EasySend to simplify workflows across numerous use-cases. Remote assistant can be imlemented in countless ways in different departments. Both the product and EasySend’s team are top notch. I can fully recommend EasySend.”

Flexibility and adaptability to any use-case

“We are now identifying further areas of usage of EasySend because we want do more things together. And of course, we will build up internal know-how to customize EasySend easily and expand usage of the platform.”

Utilizing EasySend’s no-code platform for agile digital transformation

“We are always investigating new solutions in the market. What new technologies are available? What are the new ways of doing business, of approaching customers or making things easier and more flexible for our internal teams? I find that EasySend is a very smart and flexible platform to drive the digitization of workflows, forms, and paperwork for both internal and customer-facing use.”

About EasySend

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