EasySend eSignature Automation

Better signing experience.

Automate eSignature workflows and empower your customers to sign from anywhere. No coding required.

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EasySend esignature tool

How does it work?

EasySend’s eSignature Automation transforms any PDF form into a digital signature workflow quickly and easily.
No coding required.

Enable a frictionless signature collection experience
for your employees and agents

01Upload your form 

Drag&Drop your PDF

Upload Your Form

02Define your workflow 

Specify signers, assign roles and access rules. Flexibility and control over every step of the process.

03Markup relevant fields 

Markup fields your customer needs to fill in, such as name, email address, job title, attachment, and signature fields.

Mark Up Relevant Fields

04Adjust fields settings 

Define permissions and input types on the field level.

05Define signature field 

Define signer roles and permissions. Place signature field where it is required by the business logic.

06Request attachments 

Request attachments and supplemental documentation.


Send the document over to the customer for signature.

EasySend signature tools sucess

Enable frictionless signing experience
for your customers

01Only answer relevent questions 

Only required fields can be filled, making the process seamless and easy.

02Sign on any device 

Submit legally binding eSignature from any device.

Sign On Any Device

03Add attachments 

The signature and data collection process is seamless and effortless. Customer doesn’t need to download anything or access additional applications such as email.


The signature and data collection process is seamless and effortless. Customer doesn’t need to download anything or access additional applications such as email.

Why choose EasySend eSignature tool?

EasySend’s eSignature tool transforms any PDF form into a digital workflow quickly and easily.

EasySend eSignature tool benefits

Better than paper

Replace clunky, manual processes with streamlined digital journeys your customers will love

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays from any paperwork-based process and cut data entry and back-office processing costs.
Ensure seamless digital experience on any device, delight your customers, and take the pain out of paperwork.
Your employees now spend less time on manual data processing and back-and-forth calls with customers, and can instead focus on high-value tasks.
Verify data at the point of entry and ensure that the data that flows into your systems is accurate and error-free.

Better than code

Reduce time to market from months to days, reduce complexity and slash backlogs

With a no-code platform, you can cut time to market of customer-facing digital processes from months to days.
Manage all your processes from a single dashboard to simplify change management.

EasySend offers the highest security and compliance standards (SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR compliance, PCI)

Empower your business users to create digital processes and reduce reliance on your IT teams.
EasySend integrates with any technology, we always add new integrations and your processes can be seamlessly transferred to any channel: from chatbot to voice assistant.

Better than other platforms

Enjoy startup agility while maintaining enterprise-level standards

Startup agility. Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

EasySend seamlessly integrates with any system, app, or service.

Power up your digital journeys with ready-to use components and powerful integrations.
Our team is here to support you and is always available to help.

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