No-code platform for
building and optimizing

your digital customer journeys

Transform any paperwork-based process into a responsive digital journey quickly and easily with no need for code.

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EasySend Nocode platform for building and optimizing digital customer journeys in insurance, banking and financial services.

Trusted by the leading insurance companies &
financial institutions

How does it work?

EasySend is a no-code platform for transforming paperwork-based processes into digital journeys
quickly, efficiently and without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects.


Accelerate time to market, reduce complexity and save costs with a powerful no-code platform

Quickly build & deploy
digital journeys

Quickly build digital journeys for any use-case with a powerful drag&drop builder. We cover any insurance, banking and financial services use-case.

Build and deploy digital customer journeys without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects.
EasySend journeys are mobile and tablet responsive out-of-the-box, ensuring an amazing experience on any device.

Pre-made Drag & Drop components and apps to accelerate development including eSignature, uploads, payments and more

Configure customized themes according to your brand and product requirements. Change custom UI elements, logos, colors, fonts, and more, while maintaining a single digital journey logic.

Define templates to be reused across multiple digital journeys. Deploy changes across multiple journeys and simplify maintenance (KYC, Power of attorney (POA), etc)

EasySend digital journeys are accessible through any channel without any extra coding: website, SMS, apps, remote servicing, call center, agents/brokers, IVR, Chatbot.

From PDF to digital journey
within minutes with Kadabra AI

Convert any PDF into a digital journey within minutes in three simple steps: upload, review, publish.

Kadabra AI automatically recognizes PDF forms structure and fields (titles, sections, texts, fields, multi choices) and generates a digital journey in less than 10 minutes, with your customized look and feel.

Kadabra AI enables digital transformation at scale: digitize hundreds and thousands of forms quickly and easily.

Intro to Kadabra

Make even the most
complex workflows simple

Enterprise-grade features. Zero code. Add advanced functionality to your journeys without writing a single line of code.

Define different workflow steps and permissions for different individuals according to their roles, simplifying complex workflows and processes.

EasySend enables multiple signers (husband & wife, customer & agent, several business partners, etc.) to individually fill in and sign on a single workflow.

Empower your agents and brokers by providing them with personalized dashboards and simple management of workflows.
Set business rules and define workflow steps according to input data. Configure field visibility and permissions. The digital journey adapts to inputs in real-time to support any business logic.


EasySend seamlessly integrates with your tech stack

Integrate with back-end

Two-way integrations with any system you already use through robust Connectors & APIs enable our customers to pre-fill and submit data to any system:

  • Core banking and core insurance systems
  • Third-party systems
  • CRMs
  • Insurance and banking apps
  • RPA (UIpath, Kryon)
  • Digital journeys can be sent programmatically using an API from your systems.

Ready made connectors and integrations with third-party apps, CRM systems and enterprise-grade applications

Ready-made connectors

EasySend easily connects with third-party services, apps, and add-ons accessible through our app marketplace.

  • Payments (Stripe, PayPal)

  • ID scan
  • Credit Score
  • Quoting
  • Data Enrichment


Grow your bottom line with data-driven optimization

Gain full visibility into
your journeys

EasySend connects with third-party services and apps, including payments, KYC and any other tools.

Customized reports – statistical reports overview of usage, completion rates, service reports/agent reports – configure aggregated user data weekly/monthly reports of all the specific transactions collected through your customer journeys.

Filtered views by device, geography, date, journey, and trigger source.

Analyze your data on form, page or field level.
Bird eye view into each step of the process.

Optimize and boost
completion rates

EasySend transforms any paperwork-based process into an interactive digital journey. Accessible on any device without the need for additional downloads or accessing the customer portal.

EasySend automatically optimizes your process based on user behavior.

A/B test elements of your process to improve conversions.

Localize your process into any language easily.

Recover abandoned applications with scheduled reminders.

Improve customer experience

Drive revenue growth by enabling frictionless
remote interactions

Frictionless collection of
customer data and eSignatures

EasySend transforms any paperwork-based process into an interactive digital journey accessible on any device.

EasySend process can be opened on any device. No downloads required.
Boost completion rates with save and continue later feature.
Autocomplete fields based on data you already have about the customer. Don’t ask the same questions twice!
Personalize each journey according to customer inputs.

Remote servicing made simple

EasySend transforms any paperwork-based process into an interactive digital journey. Accessible on any device without the need for additional downloads or accessing the customer portal.

Send the same journey to multiple customers at once, monitor progress and schedule reminders.

Give your agents a powerful closing tool.

Assist your customers in real-time.

Boost security with a one-time-password.

The EasySend advantage

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!

Better than paper

Replace clunky, manual processes with streamlined digital journeys your customers will love

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays from any paperwork-based process and cut data entry and back-office processing costs.

Ensure a seamless digital experience on any device, delight your customers, and take the pain out of paperwork.

Your employees now spend less time on manual data processing and back-and-forth calls with customers and can instead focus on high-value tasks.

Verify data at the point of entry and ensure that the data that flows into your systems is accurate and error-free.

Better than code

Reduce time to market from months to days, reduce complexity and slash backlogs

With a no-code platform, you can cut time to market of customer-facing digital processes from months to days.
Manage all your processes from a single dashboard to simplify change management.

EasySend offers the highest security and compliance standards (SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR compliance, PCI)

Empower your business users to create digital processes and reduce reliance on your IT teams.

EasySend integrates with any technology – we always add new integrations and your processes can be seamlessly transferred to any channel, from chatbot to voice assistant.

Better than other platforms

Enjoy startup agility while maintaining enterprise-level standards

Startup agility. Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

EasySend seamlessly integrates with any system, app, or service.

Power up your digital journeys with ready-to use components and powerful integrations.
Our team is here to support you and is always available to help.