Launch a digital auto insurance claims process in 24 hours

Quickly and cost-effectively launch a digital process to power up your auto claims. No coding required!

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How does it work?

Go from a manual process to an end-to-end digital auto claims process quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

How it Works

Improve claims outcomes and customer experience with a fully digital auto claims process

From paper to digital auto claims journey in a matter of hours

Transform your manual journey into a digital process in a matter of hours. Customize each step and add out-of-the-box widgets for accident sketch, signature, and document attachments.

Advanced Custom Widget

Advanced claim widgets

Easily add or remove widgets to create your auto claims process. Quickly and easily adapt to reflect your business needs. Send a complete, easily customizable, auto claims process to your customers.

Deploy on any channel

Send your process to customers via any channel with a single link. Initiate claim process via email, SMS through your website, agent portal, call center or mobile app.

Offer outstanding customer experience

Create the best possible experience for your customers with a fully responsive, user-friendly, easily accessible, digital process.

  • Mobile responsive
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Fully personalized
  • Two-way integration with internal systems.
  • Offer real-time virtual assistance
Customer Experience

EasySend auto claims digital journey benefits

Embrace agility

Quickly deploy a fully functional auto claims process and start serving your customers on any channel. Out-of-the-box, end-to-end process that is fully customizable to your organization’s needs and brand guidelines.

Boost efficiency

Reduce time customers spend on filling in the paperwork. Collect eSignatures, attachments and data from customers digitally and meet the expectations of today’s time-sensitive consumers.

Ensure data integrity

Utilize advanced form and field validation capabilities to automate business logic, streamlining the process for signers to input data, while giving senders complete control over the data that gets collected.

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