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This is how much could you save with EasySend by removing manual data entry from your operations.

How many different form types do you need to digitize? Total Number of forms you process monthly

How many submissions on average do you receive per process per month? Manual Holding Time

What is the average handling time per form (in minutes) Not including expenses like office space, equipment etc

Avg. Employee Hourly Cost ($) Avg. Employee Hourly Cost ($)

What is the percentage of errors and NIGO (not in good order) forms? What is percentage of errors and NIGO (not in good order) forms?

How many months would it take to digitze a process in-house? How many months would it take to digitize a process in-house?

  • Cost of Lost time
    Lengthy development = money lost
  • $5,800,000
  • Monthly Savings:
  • $10,428
  • Total Annual Savings:
  • $80,428
  • Total Saving in 5 years:
  • $6,58,0428

Savings explained *Error Rate with EasySend = 0% (Real time data validation) *Digital data collection reduces cycle times by 75%

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Easysend is the process streamlining and intelligent automation company

Over 30 insurance, financial services, and enterprises in other fields have already transformed their operations by digitizing a wide range of data collection methods, processes, and use cases with the EasySend platform.

With EasySend's best-in-breed platform you can enjoy the benefits of a steamlined, digitized process in a matter of days! Transform your operations by eliminating paperwork, reduce operational complexity and expenses, improve customer retention, increase revenue from new customers.

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