EasySend Bulk Sender

One journey – multiple recipients. EasySend Bulk Sender empowers scalable customer communications that drive revenue growth.

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EasySend bulk sender campaign dashboard

How does it work?

Send digital journey link to multiple customers at once with EasySend Bulk Sender

Choose a digital journey and upload a list of recipients as a CSV file.

EasySend bulk sender how does it work

Monitor progress from a visual dashboard. See the status of each recepient.

EasySend bulk sender visual dashboard

Manage the recipient lists and take actions such as approve, reject, or send a reminder.

EasySend bulk sender campaign dashboard

Why Do You Need Bulk Sender?

Save time and money by reducing complexity and streamlining operations.

Streamline high-volume communications

Send digital journeys to multiple customers at once

Simplify monitoring

See the status of each recipient and monitor the progress of each journey in a visual dashboard

Take action

Take action from a single dashboard. Approve, reject or schedule reminders.

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Send digital journey campaigns to lists of customers and streamline your operations

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