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How Petplan slashed labor costs by 15% in 2 weeks by digitizing their claims solution with EasySend

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"It was amazing. We went from verbal discussions to live with our first process in less than three weeks. It was so easy. It was so fast. It was the fastest partnership integration project I’ve ever worked on. And I’ve been in this industry and call center management support for about 20 plus years.” Chad Dull, Claims Director, Petplan

The challenge:

Streamlining document gathering for the reimbursement-based claims process

Petplan, the industry’s leading pet insurance company with over 40 years of global experience, has struggled with bottlenecks caused by manual document processing.

About 30% of claims submitted by Petplan policyholders require the submission of supplemental medical records. Gathering these documents via e-mail and manually associating them with relevant accounts created significant delays in claims settlement. The process was lengthy, inefficient, and frustrating for the customers, as well as employees.

The solution:

A fully integrated document submission solution in two weeks

Petplan’s claims team turned to EasySend’s no-code platform to design a solution. With EasySend, Petplan customers can submit documents in real-time, and the corresponding claim data is instantly updated in the internal systems.

  • Simple to use no-code development and deployment – Enabling agile development, testing, deployment, and management of digital workflows in a concise time frame.
  • Robust integration with internal systems – Simple integration with existing workflows, systems, and processes, paving the foundation for further efficiency.
  • Time to market – The PetPlan team also evaluated AI and RPA solutions but found those solutions too complex for their needs.

Ultimately, when we were exposed to the EasySend product, we realized, wow, we don’t need to go big bang right now with RPA or AI. We can do this with EasySend in a swift and simple way.” – Chad Dull

The results:

Collect and automatically feed data into relevant internal systems

EasySend eliminates manual processing of claims business-flow by generating a link embedded into any communication sent to the customer. Files submitted through EasySend are automatically integrated into Petplan’s claim system via an API. As a result, Petplan’s adjusters automatically receive updated information without any need for manual processing or back-and-forth emails with customers.

Reduced labor costs by 15%

EasySend eliminates an entire layer of processing from the claims workflow. By automatically associating relevant documents with a specific claim, the amount of manual processing has been significantly reduced.

“We’ve seen about a 10% to 15% savings in labor cost associated with handling those additional files, using that process with EasySend, and we’ve only been using that one process for about two weeks now. In a short time we implemented this process, it has drastically reduced labor costs.”

Reduced claims processing time by two business days

By eliminating inefficient manual processes associated with document collection, claim processing time was reduced by at least two business days.

“EasySend integration allows any incoming documents to get instantly associated with the relevant claim file. Before, it would take up at least two days to review the incoming files and manually associate them with the claim. So an overall life cycle is dropping by about two days right now from what we’re seeing using the EasySend process.”

Improved customer experience with a self-service portal

Now PetPlan’s customers can easily send over documents required for speedy processing of their claims.

“Our customers are delighted because now they can use digital self-service to submit relevant documents instead of relying on emails. They’re able to just follow the directions in the wizard to submit documents to us.”

Improved employee experience

Employees can now concentrate on delivering excellent service without having to waste time.

“Customers are satisfied, but also equally important is employee satisfaction. We now have enabled our customer service agents the ability to support our customers in real-time. Their job is easier, and they now feel empowered to take care of their customer in a one reach out resolution instead of all these back-and-forth emails.”

Real-time integration paves the way for further efficiency

EasySend provides a robust integration framework, ensuring that all data elements are handed off to any internal system in real-time, empowering the organization to create new processes and workflows quickly and efficiently.

“Just because I’m in claims doesn’t mean we can’t use EasySend for policy administration, customer support, or other process flows. I think that’s our next step. That’s our future thinking. Now that we’ve proven that it’s a great product, we have many operational folks who now want to start looking at EasySend to integrate into their workflows. So, to backtrack, since we spent the upfront time to integrate wisely, we now have empowered our organization to use EasySend in all the different departments, not just in claims.”

Vera Smirnoff

Vera Smirnoff is the demand generation manager at EasySend. She covers digital transformation in insurance and banking and the latest trends in InsurTech and digital customer experience.