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Turn paperwork-based processes into digital journeys quickly and easily, without wasting time on lengthy and expensive development projects.

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EasysEnd no code platform for digital customer journeys with eSignature for insurance and banking

Transform paperwork-based processes into responsive
digital journeys without writing a single line of code

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Common banking use cases

We cover any use case across any line of business – retail banking, lending, customer onboarding, and customer service. Here are just a few examples of our recent projects.

Digital mortgage

EasySend empowers Israel’s largest bank to deliver amazing digital mortgage experience

digital mortgage, digitize mortgage process, digital banking solutions for mortgages

Customer onboarding

EasySend transforms onboarding and account opening experience without the need for code

Customer onboarding in banking, digital banking, digitize customer onboarding in banking with a no-code platform


Transform lending into a seamless digital journey with EasySend

Digital lending with a no-code digital journey builder, digital banking

Compliance paperwork

Transform KYC/AML forms and workflows into interactive digital journeys

KYC/AML complicance, know your customer form as a digital journey for digital banking

COVID19 government assistance

Rapid deployment for time-sensitive assistance programs

PPP loan, covid-19 government assistance loan application as a digital journey for digital banking

Merchant onboarding

Simplify merchant onboarding processes and improve merchant experience

Merchant onboarding digital journey for digital banking

Enable remote servicing
in banking with a no-code platform

Regulation. Changing customer expectations. Nontraditional competitors.

Improved customer experience has become a legitimate differentiator in an increasingly competitive environment. Three out of four world’s largest banks now pledge themselves to some form of customer-experience transformation.

Banks cannot avoid paperwork. Core processes from new account openings to loan applications require the collection of data and signatures from customers. But it doesn’t mean that insurers must settle for inefficient, manual, and clunky data collection methods.

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EasySend eliminates friction
and creates opportunities

EasySend is a no-code platform for transforming paperwork-based processes into optimized digital customer journeys quickly, efficiently and without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects.

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EasySend analytics dashboard decision tre

Turn any banking paperwork-based process into an
opportunity for digital engagement

How does it work?

EasySend is a no-code platform for transforming paperwork-based processes into digital journeys quickly, efficiently and without the need for lengthy and expensive development projects

EasySend platform, build, integrate, optimize. Digital transformation in banking

The EasySend advantage

EasySend is the simplest and most agile way to transform paperwork into digital journeys. See below how we compare to other solutions.

Better than paper

Replace clunky, manual processes with streamlined digital journeys your customers will love

Eliminate inefficiencies and delays from any paperwork-based process and cut data entry and back-office processing costs.

Ensure seamless digital experience on any device, delight your customers, and take the pain out of paperwork.

Your employees now spend less time on manual data processing and back-and-forth calls with customers, and can instead focus on high-value tasks.

Verify data at the point of entry and ensure that the data that flows into your systems is accurate and error-free.

Better than code

Reduce time to market from months to days, reduce complexity and slash backlogs

With a no-code platform, you can cut time to market of customer-facing digital processes from months to days.

Manage all your processes from a single dashboard to simplify change management.

EasySend offers the highest security and compliance standards (SOC2, ISO27001, GDPR compliance, PCI)

Empower your business users to create digital processes and reduce reliance on your IT teams.

EasySend integrates with any technology, we always add new integrations and your processes can be seamlessly transferred to any channel: from chatbot to voice assistant.

Better than other platforms

Enjoy startup agility while maintaining enterprise-level standards

Startup agility. Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

EasySend seamlessly integrates with any system, app, or service.

Power up your digital journeys with ready-to use components and powerful integrations.

Our team is here to support you and is always available to help.

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